A partnership based on common values and principles: SIVECO Romania and The Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR) | SIVECO Romania

A partnership based on common values and principles: SIVECO Romania and The Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bucharest, 10th of December 2007 Through the partnership developed with The Romanian Association for Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR), SIVECO Romania plans to promote the genuine values of the civil society to the young generation.

Therefore, together with The Youth National Authority and the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, our company sustains, as a partner, the 13th edition of the ARDOR National Debate Forum, taking place in Slănic Moldova, between 6 -14th of September 2007.

On this occasion, our company reaffirms its personal commitment to back up the discovery and support of the Romanian society values.

A resonant name on the educational services market, SIVECO Romania meets the needs of both students and institutions, promoting the excellence in the education area.

"SIVECO Romania considers that the Romanian society is a big family, in whose future we all make investments. We believe that the education is the unique way towards progress and this is why we actively take part in training young people as a dynamic element of social life. Our collaboration with some non-government institutions, such as ARDOR, who has both expertise and prestige in this area, offers us the possibility of concretely supporting the values that we believe in: creativity, responsibility, and ability to communicate in an elevated manner, through edifying dialogue. We are happy to uphold the ARDOR National Debate Forum, which has become a representative event for the Romanian education”, says Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager at SIVECO Romania.

This event is actually a continuation of the already traditional collaboration between SIVECO Romania and ARDOR, the results obtained so far representing the basis of this enduring partnership.

From November 2006 to June 2007, SIVECO Romania has sustained "About the Good Usage of Democracy", the civic conference project series that brought together participants coming from nine different Romanian localities.

"This is a really precious project for me and my colleagues; the public debates - that we together suggested to students and teachers in these gymnasiums - have represented an important sign of solidarity and intellectual joy for us”, declared Monica Mocanu – President of ARDOR – at the end of the first series of conferences.

The question Is Democracy a luxury? was asked in Bucharest, while the participants in Galati have asked themselves whether Zero tolerance measures are indeed legitimate? During the conference held in Focsani, people discussed About the limitations of the majority rule, while a more timely subject was debated in Sf. Gheorghe: Does regionalization ensure the necessary conditions for local democracy? The young people in Piteşti have asked themselves whether The media really is the guard dog of democracy. Again in Bucharest, The laptop law was debated. The participants in Braşov took a trip in time, in order to decide whether The collective past should remain in the history books. In Cluj-Napoca and Turda, the conferences have focused on the question Does democracy provide the necessary mechanisms to protect the frail?

"Our company actively encourages any initiative meant at creating a communication bridge between students, teachers, parents, media and educational partners. It is extremely important that young people should enjoy the opportunity of sustaining their viewpoints with appropriate arguments and it is equally important that they should learn to accept an opinion contrary to their own. The exercise of debating on themes with major implications for the Romanian society is extremely useful and it deserves to be encouraged and promoted“, declared Irina Socol, President and CEO, SIVECO Romania.

The actions undertaken by SIVECO Romania with a view to constantly promote an education based on modern principles, and to encoure the involvement of the young generation in creating an informational society, are all part of our company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy – a natural approach, issuing from both our company’s own corporate philosophy and from its area of activity, holding an important educational component.