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The Partnership between the Academy of Economic Studies and SIVECO România consolidates

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bucharest, February 17th 2004 - By organizing the eBusiness master courses, the Cybernetics, Statistics and the Economic Informatics Faculty meets the general European trends of alignment to the European standards regarding post graduate studies.

As the first series of this master program  - the academic year 2002-2003 - had remarkably participation both in figures and professional structure of the trainees, the initiative was repeated in the 2003-2004 academic year.

The students were selected after an entrance exam -they cover a wide business area from economists, programmers, consultants who work both in the public and private sector (banking, ministries, public administration, IT, telecom, industry).

The structure of the program, covering 3 semesters is targeted to introducing the participants to eCommerce elements (e-payments, technologies, eBusiness integrated systems).

"The orientation towards multiple specialization is more and more obvious, in order to increase the employment opportunities in an open, full progress economy. The eBusiness master program is a prompt and direct solution given by the academic system to the present market needs, offering the chance for the new generation of managers, business architects, analysts and programmers are fully prepared to put into practice the new business models of the digital economy.", declares Prof. Floarea Năstase, eBusiness Master Program Manager.

"The alumni of this program will have the competencies needed for analysis, conception and development of eBusiness software - a key element in introducing IT in the Romanian society."

The program objectives are theoretical, but they also approach business practice and economic realities, which is very useful for the students? current activities.

In the final semester, the students are enrolled in the "eBusiness integrated Systems" course, held by Dr. Răzvan Zota, lecturer at the Economic Informatics section of the Academy of Economic Studies .

"We intend to offer the students a general environment for debates on the topic, starting from the business perspective of the Internet-Intranet relationship, with reference to the existing models", says Mr. Zota. "Our intention during this training stage was aslo to make the students understand the main features of an ERP, the definition and the characteristics of the implementation stage, but also the motivation for investing in such a solution. An important aspect we meant to cover was to put at the students disposal examples and models from the real business life, and for this we invited for the second year in a row specialists from SIVECO Romania to support the practice part of courses." 

The features offered by various components of the SIVECO Applications integrated package were described and demonstrated by specialists from the team in charge with the development, implementation and sales of this system.

All business aspects of a company were covered during the practice sessions: financial-accounting, fixed assets and inventory, purchasing, clients, tariffs, orders from the clients and deliveries, contracts and commissions, maintenance management, decision making and business analysis.

Working also on web, the integrated EAS package SIVECO Applications reached version 10.4, as a result of a total development and implementation effort of approximately 40 specialists/year for 9 years.

The system performances are certified by the references acquired during implementations for more than 210 clients in Romania.

The evaluation forms filled in by the students at course completion, as well as their results of the exams, prove, on one hand their interest in the program, and on the other hand the way the courses met their requirements from the content and organization point of view. More than 67% of the evaluation form respondents called themselves extremely satisfied, 33% granting the top qualification.

About SIVECO Applications

As it functions in Oracle environment and database, SIVECO Applications represents a high performance Integrated Information Systems.

The integrated feature of the components in the package is given by the unitary conception defined during their creation, by the creation environment and the server containing the data base (Oracle) commonly used. The communication between components is intrinsequely achieved by using a common data base. The user benefits of the same graphical interface, all the components using the same standard related to access, work methods and information elements.

The data security is also is dealt with in a unitary way and the access rights of the user can be established up to the most detailed level: the operations (visualizing, adding, modifying, deleting) inside every presentation module and even the dates in the data base.

The development of the components in the integrated package was achieved based on the requirements of the users. That?s why the ensemble of the components made possible the specific problem solving of the covered fields of activity.

SIVECO Romania produces at least a new version per year of all the components of the Integrated Package, while it keeps being compatible with the previous versions. The creation of the new versions is especially determined by the beneficiary?s needs and then by the legislation modifications or by the ways of dealing with the problems and by changes at the information technology level.     

The components of the Integrated Information System are perfectly covering the company management from different fields of activity, without solving the problem in a redundant manner. More than 1800 clients from over 35 countries are using SIVECO Applications.