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How is the cultural heritage of Romania value to be available also for future generations?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

SIVECO Romania is partner to the research project „PILOT Platform for cross-disciplinary evaluation through relational databases (PILOT)”, whose main objective is carrying out a platform dedicated to the management of information and data on heritage objects

During the period of September 2014 - December 2016, SIVECO Romania is a partner within the research project „PILOT Platform for cross-disciplinary evaluation through relational databases (PILOT)”, a project funded by the Executive Unit for Funding Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISDCI) through the Program PARTNERSHIPS - Collaborative applicative research projects.

The project’s Consortium, coordinated by the National Research& Development Institute in Opto-electronics INOE 2000, is formed of the National History Museum of Romania (MNIR) and SIVECO Romania.

This project aims at carrying out a pilot platform for the management of information and data that can characterize a patrimony object.

Interpreting and understanding the properties of an patrimony object implies collaboration between at least two categories of specialists: the human sciences expert, be it a historian, archeologist, arts history expert, specialists in museography, conservators or restorers, and the one trained in the field of exact sciences – engineer, physicist, chemist or biologist. Thus, a synergetic approach is absolutely necessary.

This project aims, at the same time, identifying and establishing a common specialty language, in the sense of facilitating communication and cooperation between the specialists working in the field of cultural heritage.

The project’s specificity consists in identifying the sectors of applicability for relational databases: archeology, and physical-chemical investigations respectively. Archeology has tradition of over 100 years-old in Romania and constantly contributes to performing new discoveries and shading light over new exceptional heritage pieces. In order to valorize them, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed. It is also the case of this project, which focuses on one of the latest discoveries, in the spring of 2012 – still unknown to the large audience, and only preliminary known to the specialists – the two bronze deposits uncovered in the hallstattian dwelling from Tărtăria, on the occasion of a large preventive archeological research.

Within the project, there will be developed a module for managing the exhibits and the reference information regarding to it. Combining state of the art technological developments with recent archeological discoveries, the pilot platform carried out in this context will ensure an international communication medium, both for the large audience and for the specialists in the field.

In order to provide the public with the cultural information of national importance. The project aims at valorizing the cultural patrimony of Romania and at contributing to its conservation so that to be available also for future generations.

Keeping the cultural information under a digital form proves a necessity in the context of a more and more tech-savvy society. Also, museums through the world, realized that in order to maintain alive the interest of the young generation they have to invest in the modern technology and especially in software solutions and applications.

Within this project, SIVECO Romania will be involved in the analysis, design, development and implementation of the communication platform, of databases for physical-chemical analyses and for a historical- archeological analysis and muzeographic valorization.

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