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PIVOLIS - the most recent international partner of SIVECO Romania

Monday, March 22, 2004

Bucharest, 22nd of March - As an European company, SIVECO Romania continues the strategic expansion of international partnerships, in order to develop complex projects on European market.

Thus, recently SIVECO Romania signed a collaboration contract with the French company PIVOLIS.

PIVOLIS provides to its clients qualitative IT&C services, at a lower cost than other companies on the French market.

To achieve its goal the company built a vast network of offshore partnerships in Eastern Europe and India.

Signing this contract with PIVOLIS, SIVECO Romania became an important link in a very large network of French and international IT Partners.

"With a partner as SIVECO Romania, PIVOLIS' strategy and its place on the market acquire a new dimension. Now, we are capable to propose to our clients a qualitative alternative in choosing the suppliers for offshore services, SIVECO Romania has the major advantage the ability to carry projects on French speaking markets" says Jean-Yves Grisi, General Manager of PIVOLIS.

Mrs, Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania declares:"We have already been perceived as an European company with the development center located in Romania. Since the beginning of the year, we have signed partnerships with companies active on German speaking markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and, now, we continue our offensive on French markets. Until the end of 2004, we intend to have at least 14 international partnerships, in order to cover, as homogeneously as possible, our business action activities on the European market.