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Plus-value obtained by integrating the business processes of an organization

Monday, July 5, 2004

Bucharest, 5th of July 2004 - SIVECO Romania recently organized a seminar for the presentation of its integrated information system SIVECO Applications, in the very pleasant ambiance of Floreasca Club in Bucharest.

The audience, formed of production managers, economics and IT managers, general managers and sales representatives from companies in Bucharest, Brăila, Braşov, Suceava, Buzău had the opportunity to be informed about the advantages and benefits of the main components of the ERP solution developed and implemented by SIVECO Romania. There were presented the components for Production Management, Inventory and Procurement Management, Contracts Management, Financial-Accounting Management and SIVECO Business Analyzer Information Management System.

The Production Management component of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications is the most powerful and efficient software tool existing on the Romanian market at this moment, which helps organizations managing the preparation, scheduling, launching, follow-up and control of the production processes. The products is already used by major companies from the Romanian industry, being consolidated and validated based on the requirements and needs of SIVECO Romania's clients from different industries: aeronautics (Aerostar), cars and wagon manufacturing (Astra Bus, MEVA, ROMVAG), furniture (Libertatea), telecom (Topex), equipment manufacturing (Anticoroziv, Romanceram, Uztel) etc.

"By using the Production Management component, the productive companies will increase their general productivity, by reducing the costs, monitoring their performances, controlling the production processes and increase of the information systems security", declares Ms. Lora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications department.

The components of SIVECO Applications package are integrated, which means that every component manages a precise process but all the components operates in the same information environment, the result being a synergetic one. The components for Inventory and Procurement Management, Contracts Management, Financial-Accounting Management are only some of the applications which contributes to the well functioning of a complex organization, with many business processes, on a keen competition market. Every component manages dedicated processes but all together assures a global and coherent integrated information system. All the data gathered by the integrated information system are stored in a unique database, thus providing the data coherence and consistency. These data can be further used for analysis and statistical purposes.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is an analysis and interpreting tool which uses data modelling and allows the elaboration of scenarios depending on miscellaneous options, helping the decisional process regarding future actions and especially the market trends. The data are processes in real-time because the tool monitor and correlate all the organization activities, the decisions being based on real and actual data.

"Although the business processes of an organization can be separately followed-up, by integrating them the organization can obtain a plus-value which, on long term, will lead to positive results, a good control of the resources involved and of the environment it activates in", says Mr. Codrut Iancu, Account Manager at SIVECO Romania.