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Poiana Pinului Camp gets together the champions in programming

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


13th of April 2004, Bucharest - The finalists of the first edition of SIVECO CUP and the finalists of the ".campion" competition get together between 13th and 17th of April in the Poiana Pinului camp (Buzau). Here, the young programmers will be awarded for their effort and talent they had proved in the two competitions that are part of the program SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency, sponsored by SIVECO Romania.

"The starting point of this project was to support and improve the performances obtained by Romanian pupils at international informatics competitions. We try to bring our contribution in developing a permanent training and testing environment for the best pupils and for those that want to become the best" declares Florin Ilia, the manger of Internet Space Department.

The main purpose of this educational program is to stimulate pupils' passion for informatics as well as to offer to all pupils equal chances in obtaining performances in this field.

"At the first edition of SIVECO CUP we found it difficult to chose between the finalists, because of the exceptional level of their work. We found out that at the 2004 edition it will not be much easier. At the .campion - competition hosted on the website of Informatics High-school Grigore Moisil from Iasi - registered over 2000 pupils" says professor Radu Jugureanu, eContent Responsible at SIVECO Romania.

Poiana Pinului camp, organized by SIVECO Romania in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and the National Agency for Camps and Scholar Tourism, and with the participation of UNESCO' Center for Complex Studies is a good opportunity for young gifted people with skills for programming to meet each other and to exchange knowledge.

The over 100 pupils and teachers passionate for informatics and educational software will have a well deserved vacation at Poiana Pinului. The organizers prepared a program in which instructive and amusing moments alternate.

Thus, professor Florin Munteanu, president of UNESCO's Center for Complex Studies will present a suite of lectures, seminars, practical demonstrations gathered under the title "Steps in the World of Complexity" by which he intends to bring to young audience's attention lots of subjects, study guidelines and opportunities of personal development in the context of Information Society' generalization and the development of Knowledge Society.

About SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency

SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency puts together a series of initiatives started off by SIVECO Romania in educational field, initiatives meant to contribute to the promotion of creativity in the field of elearning training and not only.

This step is the result of the company's preoccupation for developing complex and complete eLearning solutions. Thus, AEL e Learning System was chosen by RMER as platform for educational content of SEI educational program, but it is a product suited for every level of educational system: graduate level or for employees training.

Until now, within the SIVECO Virtual Center for Excelency have been launched two reference competitions: SIVECO CUP and .campion.


SIVECO CUP addresses undergraduate educational system. At this educational sofware contest can participate mixed teams, made up of maximum three pupils, regardless of their study level (IX to XII grade), a teacher and a technical counselor for the programming techniques used (the counsellor can be informatics teacher, a pupil from the final year or a student). Teams can have members from different high-schools.

Every team can post on the web, at http://portal.edu.ro, until 15th of May 2004, the application it has created.

A demonstrative or partial version of the work can be accepted, and the next stage of the contest is only used for communication with the jury, who has a tutor role. The application has to be accompanied by the respective documentation, as well as by a short description of the lesson or theme they have adopted.

The deadline for applications submission is May 15th 2004. Any team registered in the contest can participate with several lessons in electronic form.

The works presented in the contest must have a didactical educational content, illustrating lessons in the educational program; a lesson in electronic form refers to a succession of didactical stages during a 50-minutes lesson taught in class, with the computer, directly by the teacher. They must be interactive and can have, as informational support, web technologies:  HTML, Flash or Java, or compatible with ActiveX.

The evaluation of the works will be made by a unique commission made up of SIVECO Romania representatives and teachers named by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, and acknowledged for their didactical activity in the inter-disciplinary areas.

During the final stage, which will take place between 5th-8th June, the first 15 teams will be selected, in the order of the points they will have obtained. They will present the applications both in executable and source form in front of the commission.  

The results of the contest will be made public before the ceremony of award giving. 

The results of the contest will be made public before the ceremony of award giving. 

The works will be awarded in the decreasing order of the points they'll have obtained, within the limits established by the commission and published before the final stage of the contest. 

The commission can also offer special prizes, establishing criteria that will be made public before the final stage of the contest.

The great award consists in sponsoring the whole team who created the project so that they can visit a representative exhibition in the eLearning domain.

Further details can be obtained by visiting www.siveco.ro or www.portal.edu.ro

About .campion

Any pupil that has access to a computer connected to Internet can participate at ".campion".

The competition is structured according to age levels: first level-pupils up to IX grade; second level-X grade pupils and third level - XI-XII grade pupils, but for those little by age but advanced in informatics field there is the possibility to participate at a higher level.

Those registered in the competition can train themselves in the rounds.

In a round we propose two algorithmic issues. The solution for one issue means to implement the solution in one of the following programming languages: Pascal, C or C++ and to send it for evaluation using the site.

Training rounds alternate with competition rounds. In a training round the participants have to provide a solution within two weeks for the problems proposed.

Once a month there is a competition round, in which the participants provide solutions to the proposed issues according deadlines, with the purpose to train themselves for informatics competitions. The pupils have to send their solutions only by using the site, by the date and hour specified as the finish moment of that round.

All the solutions are evaluated by an automated evaluation soft, similar with those used at international informatics competitions. The soft has been elaborated by Mihai Patrascu, former international competition winner, now student at M.I.T. and had been used both in 2002 and 2003 trainings of national informatics team, as well as at Balkan Olympiad in Informatics 2003, which took place in Iasi.

The week after the evaluation, the authors of the problems will post on the web the possible solution for the proposed problems, as well as the tests used for evaluation.