Over 5 million unique visitors have accessed http://portal.edu.ro during national exams | SIVECO Romania

Over 5 million unique visitors have accessed http://portal.edu.ro during national exams

Monday, July 28, 2014

http://portal.edu.ro portal brings together the largest virtual community in Romania and is the most important information and communication point in education

With nearly 6 million unique visitors and over 100 million visualizations in the first two weeks of July, http://portal.edu.ro portal initiated by the Ministry of National Education in collaboration with SIVECO Romania is among the most visited sites in Romania, according to traffic statistics.

Students can learn in real time the grades obtained in national exams - the national and baccalaureate tests, can use the public forum to communicate and view the latest news every day. The number of visitors of the portal has increased from year to year; users are already accustomed to find information and statistics on education on http://portal.edu.ro.

Every year, during June-July, the portal recorded a traffic record during the national examinations and admission to colleges, baccalaureate and teachers' nomination upon vacant positions. The most visited sites in the first half of July were: http://admitere.edu.ro, http://bacalaureat.edu.ro and http://forum.edu.ro.

Of these, the website for displaying the results of baccalaureate registered a record traffic, repeating last year's performance, when it was among the most visited sites on the portal with 1.1 million unique visitors. On peak moments of displaying the results, candidates and all those interested have accessed both partial and final results, as planned. Traffic peak was recorded on July 7th, when nearly 1.2 million unique visitors accessed the site http://bacalaureat.edu.ro.

Over 2 million options for schools’ admission

Also during this period, thousands of graduates of eight grade participated in the national evaluation, and the results were collected and processed by the software application that made the distribution of candidates according to the options recorded in the registration forms. Distribution in high schools occasioned emotions to over 160,000 candidates who have expressed a total of over 2 million options. Following the first session about 127,000 students were assigned according to the choices they have expressed in the registration forms. On the website dedicated to high school admission - http://admitere.edu.ro - prospective high school students could see the final reports of computerized admission.

"We are proud that also this year the IT system implemented by SIVECO Romania ensured transparency and fairness in the allocation process in high schools. Our team, alongside specialists from the ministry managed optimally the publication of results, both for admission to college and for baccalaureate, obviating any attacks on the websites of the Ministry of Education", said Florin Ilia, Vice-president SIVECO Romania.

This year is the fourteenth consecutive year since the distribution in schools is done electronically, nationally, and the fourth year since benefiting from cloud technology. Due to this technology, millions of people manage to simultaneously and fast access the results of high-school admission on peak period.

Starting with 2011, the sites that publish the tests result are running in cloud, which ensures due to the computing power allocated, availability on periods of high loading. According to the principles of operation, data is stored in the cloud on redundant environments, ensuring availability and security.

Technologies used by websites to display the results in national examinations have been designed not only to successfully meet the large number of simultaneous users, but also to cope with possible attacks designed to disrupt the availability of services provided.