The portal for the educational system in the United Arab Emirates is developed and implemented by SIVECO Romania in partnership with Microsoft, ITQAN (UAE) and ITWorx (Egypt) | SIVECO Romania

The portal for the educational system in the United Arab Emirates is developed and implemented by SIVECO Romania in partnership with Microsoft, ITQAN (UAE) and ITWorx (Egypt)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bucharest, 13th of September 2007 – SIVECO Romania is involved in a new national education project, implying the development and implementation of the portal of the UAE education system. The project is developed in partnership with Microsoft, ITQAN (UAE) and ITWorx (Egypt).

The portal provides students, parents administrative personnel of the United Arab Emirates and the general public with online information accessible from anywhere.

This project represents the first step in the implementation of the long term vision of the Education Ministry concerning the transformation of the education sector in UAE, moving to the implementing of a completely new educational platform and to an Interconnected Education Framework, based on a common validated infrastructure, scaled to correspond to the ministry’s evolution.

The main concept in the development of the IT architecture lays emphasis on the easiness to retrieve information – the system offering an organized flexible and indexed structure, of the content. The portal content is available in both Arabic and English, grouped by the user’s field of interest.

The catching graphic plays a vital contribution to increasing the efficiency of the time spent by users in retrieving high interest information.

Free access to the portal encourages a good communication of the parties involved and, at the same time, sustains the transparent transfer of information. The portal offers a set of applications fit for the dissemination of educational information and services, with potential to offer increased benefits to the community.

The international recognition our company enjoys has convinced the Ministry of Education representatives in UAE of the value of SIVECO Romania specialists. SIVECO Romania is a well-established national and international name in the field of IT&C and eLearning solutions, while the company has a direct contribution to the creation and development of the information society, through multiple projects, such as the implementation of the first project for introducing IT in the Romanian pre-university education system - SEI.

The development and administration of the SEI portal, one of the biggest education portals in the world, has – as a matter of fact-represented an important criterion in selecting SIVECO Romania for this project. This portal represents today one of the most important data sources available online, that would offer to everyone interested in the Romanian education phenomenon, relevant, correct and up-dated real-time information.

The annual number of portal visitors has increased year on year, over 100,000 users are currently registered. With more than 2,5 million visitors in July this year, according to the traffic statistics, ranked first not only at the education category, but also in the general top of the most visited sites in Romania. Also in July, the record number of visitors registered in one single day reached 283.528.

The development and implementation of this portal represents an essential part of the long-term strategy that the Education Ministry envisages in order to introduce IT into the education field in UAE.

"SIVECO Romania accomplishments in the developing and implementation of the large educational projects enjoy outstanding reputation both nationally and internationally. Today we are able to share our experience with other countries interested in introducing interactive educational resources into the education system", declared Stefan Morcov, Line of Business Manager in SIVECO Romania.

Thus, SIVECO Romania is showing clearly its willingness to share with interested parties its experience gained in developing national and regional projects for introducing of IT in the education system, at the same time, SIVECO aims at establishing profitable partnerships with trade or governmental representatives and representatives of research organizations in the field of IT&C.