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The portal has been launched

Friday, July 30, 2010

Invest in people!
Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013
Priority Axis no 1 "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and the development of the knowledge based society"
Major field of intervention no. 1.3 "Human resources development in education and professional training"
Contract identification number: POSDRU/57/1.3/S/34533

The teachers to participate in the lifelong training program "Designing educational software" will be able to publish their papers on the portal

Bucharest, July 30th, 2010 - The portal, one of the most important components of the project "The teacher - creator of educational software", has been launched!

The project is co-financed through the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development (POSDRU) 2007-2013 from the European Social Fund and carried out within the partnership between the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and SIVECO Romania SA.

The project's objective consists in elaborating and implementing of a lifelong training for 1,500 teaching staff from pre-university education, in order to develop their skills regarding carrying out their own educational software applications and improving the ability to use teaching-learning interactive methods.

Registration of the teaching staff is done on-line on the project's portal, while the selection's results will be announced by 31.08.2010. The courses are free of charge, will start in October 2010 and will take six months. Each course has 89 hours.

The teachers attending the lifelong training program will be able to publish their projects on the portal, as the portal's development will open the possibility for creating a virtual community, by means of which exchange of ideas is encouraged. This virtual community will activate also after the project's completion, this way the teaching staff from pre-university education will benefit of valuable resources for using ITC in the didactical process.

Within the activity of evaluating personal projects, each teaching staff will sustain the presentation of the project registered on the portal, and based on the obtained grade, the graduates of the training program will receive professional certificates bearing (25) transferable credits and diplomas certifying their status of creator of educational software.

At the end, the projects selected for the national contest will be published on the portal.

Also, by means of the portal it will be provided information referring to national as well as European regulations and standards in the field of education and examples of national and trans-national good practices.

The project carried out within the partnership between Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and SIVECO Romania SA, contributes to achieving the objectives specific to Priority Axis no. 1 of POS DRU 2007-2013, through improving access to education and modern and quality lifelong training.