Positive resuts for SIVECO Romania, while the country enters EU | SIVECO Romania

Positive resuts for SIVECO Romania, while the country enters EU

Monday, January 8, 2007

Bucharest, 8th January 2007 – The year 2006 may be cosidered a very important one in SIVECO’s evolution, marking the redifining of the company business model, while keeping the fast pace of growth registered ever since the beginning, a growth rate usually above the average level of the IT industry. Moreover, 2006 meant an important step forward in terms of consolidating the company’s notoriety at international level, its role of know- how exporter in the field of eBusiness, eHealth, eLearning, as well as the recogniition of the expertise of its specialists in running complex , large scale information projects.

Improving the business model

Year 2006 started for Siveco with the redefining of the business model, by total involvement of the local  management team and also of some consultants on international business. Thus, the strategic plan for the next 5  and respectivelly ten years were drown. Within this time frame SIVECO Romania aims to evolve from the stage of the most important Romanian software house to the status of regional software integrator, in order to  become, on medium term, a leader at European level. The company’s mission was fulfilled by closing complex contracts started in 2006 abroad.

Meeting the target for financial objectives

Throughout 2006, SIVECO Romania turnover kept the pace of previous years, reaching 42 Million dollars and ensuring the meeting of the set objectives.

Consolidation of SIVECO’s position on the local market

Market research done by International Data Corporation (IDC) continuosly places SIVECO on top positions for the last years as provider of EAS solutions and IT services on the Romanian market. In 2006, Siveco had a 19.3% market share as provider of EAS solutions, as leader of the  Romanian software houses providing business solutions, and also a 9.7% market share of the local IT services sector. The local IT&C market continued its good evolution of the past years, showing real progress and continuing the process of expansion and modernization, mostly due to large projects, but also to the favorable evolution of SMEs. Industry verticals such as utilities, production, transportation, public administration focused  mainly to integrated IT solutions able to ensure them running their activities at European level and standards. In 2006, SIVECO continued to deliver top software solution to its clients, perfectly customized to each organization.

Romanian  know how export  for complex information systems projects

A significant contribution to SIVECO Romania’s evolution in 2006 had the launch of eLearning and eHealth international projects, which surpassed our expectations. Thus, SIVECO Romania sucseeds in consolidating its position as software integrator for complex projects on international markets,  contributing to the promotion of Romania IT brand. Among international projects run by SIVECO in 2006, we mention: Implementation of an IT system for the National Health Insurance House in Bulgaria, modernization of the educational system in Cyprus, eDRAW (Virtual Collaborative Environment for Art Teaching), ACGT (Advancing Clinic-Genomics Trials on Cancer), ALIS (Automated Legal Intelligent System), LD - CAST (Local Development Cooperation Actions Enabled by Semantic Technology).

New portfolio of clients

In 2006 more and more Romanian organizations involved in modernization of the technological infarstructure, starting the implementation of IT integrated solutions, which would allow them to adapt to EU standards. On the local market, the information solutions provided by SIVECO offered the possibility for  important co-operation, in the public sector, education and the public administration.

The past year, our client porfolio included important companies such as: The Ministry of Education and Research from Cyprus, National Health Insurance House in Bulgaria, The Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (APIA), Romanian Naval Authority,  International Airport „Traian Vuia” in Timisoara, Total Electrica Oltenia, MEDLIFE, INTER - Metaco DEVA, Nuclearelectrica, WINMARKT, TMUCB, RODMIR EXPERT, INTFOR Galati, MAREX Braila, ANR Constanta, DINAMO Bucuresti, The commission for Insurance Surpervision, ROMENERGO, ELPROF, AMPLO Ploiesti etc.

Consolidation of strategic partnerships

2006 meant also consolidating of  partnerships with international leaders such as:  Intel, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Bull, IBM, confirming the company’s competiitonal value. The strategic investment  that Intel Capital and Enterpise Investors underwent in 2005 came to confirm the performance of SIVECO Romania, supporting the company’s intention to become a regional IT leader in the next years.

In 2006, the partnership with Intel  resulted in directing the investments’ funds towards R&D activities, but also for training of specialists. Thus, Intel’s investment supports the company’s development according to the set strategy.

Development of the team in terms of size and quality

The organization’s performances, its internal as well as international competitivness,  are mainly ensured by the  quality of its specialists. This is why recrutinng best specialits from the labor market, ensuring good working conditions and possibilities of continuos training by means of special courses run in the country or abroad are a major priority for SIVECO Romania. The company has a young and dynamic team, which proved every year  its excellence in terms of IT. Along with the business development, the SIVECO team grew by 50%, both in numbers and qualitywise. The continuos concern for personal development of staff and the qualiy of co-operation within the company lead, for a second year in a row, to nominating SIVECO in the top of best employers in Romania.

Local and international awards

Quality is a key word in SIVECO’s corporate philosophy. In this respect,  the value of its business model was recognised at internationl level by  receiving the prestigios prize for quality- Prize for Qquality and Technology, the Platinum category- Arch of Europe, “International Gold Star Award”, the award „Innovative Domestic Investor of the year 2006” awarded in Vienna by OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the award „Best transparent conduct of a company in terms of competition”, granted by CEFTAC ((Central European Advocacy for a Fair and Transparent Competition).

At the same time,  among the most important awards granted to SIVECO in 2006, one should mention „The guerdon of „Tribuna Economica” publication for the quality of its integrated information system solutions.; the award „Excellence in business for investments in South-Eastern Europe”, and the grand trophy  „Investor of the year 2005 in Romania”, awarded by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,; the Prize for Excellence at IT&C category at the Intercity Magazine Gala; the Excellence Prize for the SIVECO Applications product at the PC World Gala and the Prize for Excellence for Projact Management for the AeL team; all these resulted in an increase of the company’s notoriety and participation in international projects.

Extension of the company’s social responsability

SIVECO Romania is constantly involved in activities with social and educational impact, such as „The SIVECO summer school”, „SIVECO Cup”, „How to become a champion”, „Let us learn, let us learn!”. By suporting the project „The Youths Parliament”, SIVECO Romania encourages the development of democratic abilities for the young genration, while in projects like „The school of a new beginning”- a camp for hard hitted children, a program developed under the „Program The Summer University”, other support campaigns and donations, and gets involved in the social life of Romania. Last but not least, SIVECO Romania activelly supports national and international initiatives aimed at increasing the level of transparency and credibility of the Romanian business environment, in order to aleviate corruption and to consolidate the business ethics.

We honour our mission of responsible participants in the life o the city, we do involve not only in the economic development, but also in the social life of the community we belong to”, says Mrs. Irina Socol, General Manager o SIVECO Romania.

Planns for 2007

For 2007, the company SIVECO Romania will mostly mentain ist offer of well established products on the market- the solutions for business management, SIVECO Applications, the eLearning AeL platform, the Health solutions and will continue to devlop new products and solutions that would meet both the clients’ requirements and also the needs imposed  by the coninuos evolution of the business environment.

Moreover, the company planns aim to mentain the current positive evolution and the growth rate registered in previous years. In this respect, SIVECO estimates a 20% turnover growth rate,  to reach some $50 million. Also a 15% growth of the profit margin, by respecting the company’s business strategy through continuos  investment of the profit in development.

„For 2007, we have set ambitious but realistic objectives: consolidation of current projects, starting up new ones, more involvement in research& development activites, an active prsence both at national and international level, as well as expansion on  verticals with potential for development and the extension on regional and European markets through replication of successful projects at national levl, and – last but not least-  involvement in social, cultural and educational projects”, says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.