The presentations seminars of SIVECO Romania’s solutions facilitate the meeting between company’s specialists and potential clients around the country | SIVECO Romania

The presentations seminars of SIVECO Romania’s solutions facilitate the meeting between company’s specialists and potential clients around the country

Friday, October 22, 2004

Bucharest, October 22, 2004 – SIVECO Romania continues its session of seminars, whose purpose is to facilitate the meeting between the company’s specialists and potential clients.

At the SIVECO Applications solution presentations organized in Brasov, Satu-Mare and Craiova emphasized the Production Management Component and the control and management decision tool, SIVECO Business Analyzer.  Special interest received SIVADOC, document and workflow management solution, which streams the document circuit, facilitates fast access to data and manages efficiently the data volume within the organization.

The Management Production Component of the SIVECO Applications package is the most powerful and performant software tool available in this moment on the Romanian market, ensuring preparation, planning, launching and monitoring for the production processes.  The product is used by a series of major Romanian companies, and it is consolidated and validated according to SIVECO Romania clients’ requirements from different industries: aeronautics (Aerostar), equipment and rolling stock producers (Astra Bus, MEVA, ROMVAG, Uztel), furniture producers (Libertatea), telecommunications (Topex), sanitary products (ROMANCERAM), protection products (ANTICOROSIV) etc.

“Using the Production Management Component by the productive organizations contributes significantly to increasing their general productivity, by reducing the costs, monitoring the performances, controlling production processes and increasing information systems security”, said Ms. Aurora Crusti, Director of SIVECO Applications Department.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is an instrument for analyzing, interpreting and data modeling, allowing scenarios depending on a variety of options, a decisive help for the decisional process for future actions, especially regarding the market’s trends.  Moreover, the information is compiled in real-time, as the product monitors and correlates all the organization’s activities, and decisions are based on real and actual data.

There were discussions about the advantages of the SIVADOC software product, the documents and workflow management system, whose main target is to improve office and collaborative work.  The product ensures the document management in a secure and easy accessible way, offering the possibility to define the workflows, as well as their evolution.

“The SIVECO Applications components are integrated, which means they manage a particular type of business process, as part of a whole, due to the information environment, with positive in value, productivity and efficiency”, said Mr. Sorin Dimofte, Manager of the Direct Sales and consulting departments in SIVECO Romania. “The Inventory, Procurement, Contracts, Financial-Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Cost Controlling Components are some of the applications that contribute to the weel being of the organization, with multiple business processes, in a strong competitive environment. Each of these components manages dedicated processes, but contribute to a global and coherent information system.  All the data collected by the integrated information system are stored in a singular database, which ensures the coherence and data consistency.  Afterwards, the data can be used for results analysis and forecasts”.