The president of Intel Capital visited Romania | SIVECO Romania

The president of Intel Capital visited Romania

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bucharest, 23rd of August 2007 – Recently, Arvind Sodhani the President of Intel Capital, lead a delegation that visited our country.

On this occasion, the Intel Capital representatives had a working meeting at SIVECO Romania’s headquarter. The contribution and implication of SIVECO Romania in developing and implementing major projects in the knowledge economy and the information society, was greatly appreciated. The efforts made to promote and develop projects that aim at supporting the innovation and research in the IT&C field were also appreciated.

During the discussions were presented the most recent international projects developed by SIVECO Romania in countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The educational solutions developed and implemented at international level by SIVECO Romania, benefit from a sustained promotion from the representatives of Intel Capital.

Since 2005 Intel Capital is a shareholder in SIVECO Romania. The investment made by Intel Capital in SIVECO Romania is one of the most important international investments in the IT domain from Central and Eastern Europe. SIVECO Romania has convinced the Intel giant by the means of thoroughly audits that had in view extremely tough technical, economical and ethical evaluation criteria, that it has the potential to become a regional leader.

The shareholders’ interest in SIVECO Romania was due both to the products’ and projects’ portfolios as well as the expertise in the latest technologies held by the company’s specialists. SIVECO Romania has confirmed the vote of confidence, obtaining, in the last years, important international awards like the 1st Place received in the “World Summit Award” in Tunis or the nominalization of the International Project Management Association for the IT-based Education System.

Being a major member of the national and international business society, SIVECO Romania actively and continuously manifests its interest in supporting major implementation and research projects in the IT&C field, all in the benefit of the community.

Developing educational solutions is a priority for SIVECO Romania. The international recognition we received, obliges us to continue to support the evolution of this industry and the promotion of new technologies by facilitating people’s access to it” declared Irina Socol, General Manager with SIVECO Romania and ISTAG member (Information Society Technology Advisory Group).

About Intel Capital

Intel Capital is a global commitment aimed at investing and supporting profitable enterprises that will drive Internet growth and advance industry standards. One of the most important goals of the company is to inspire the entrepreneurial sprit to thrive.