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Production companies can reduce by 40% the time allocated for acquisition

Monday, February 27, 2012

SIVECO Applications 2020 assures an increase of 15% of the production volume and doubles the control of cash flow


Bucharest, 27 february 2012 – Over 20 Romanian companies chose the Manufacturing Management component of the SIVECO Applications 2020 to increase their production volume by 15% and the control of cash flow by 50%.


"The decision makers within companies have now the necessary information and instruments for establishing an efficient and strictly organized production policy. The Manufacturing Management Component allows for defining a transparent process flow, easy to coordinate and monitor, from the point of view of both the resource allocation and usage, and the end-product quality", said Danut Stoian, Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.


With SIVECO Applications, manufacturers can streamline their budgets by controlled reduction of stocks and can reduce up to 40% the time allocated for acquisition, specific to production activity.


The Enterprise Application Suite (EAS) SIVECO Applications 2020 covers all the specific activities in the manufacturing sector, responding to urgent integration needs of the manufacturing companies.


The Manufacturing Management application is one of the reference components of the integrated system, successfully implemented in numerous organizations from various industries, from discrete to continuous production in various production models.


Among the companies that have chosen the Manufacturing Management component are: Kathrein Romania, the largest national antennas manufacturer and exporter, Aerostar Bacau, integration, production, modernization and maintenance company, for land defense systems and GRIRO SA, producer of complex technological equipment used in fields like Oil & Gas, Chemical and Fertilizers, Energy, Environment and Metallurgy.


For 20 years, SIVECO Romania offers integrated solutions designed to improve business processes and complex solutions dedicated to education, health, agriculture, customs, for domestic and international markets.