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Profitable solutions for the companies in Cluj-Napoca

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bucharest, June 28, 2005 –  SIVECO Romania’s consultants recently met business people of the north-western part of the country, at seminar organized by the company in Cluj-Napoca.

There were participants from various industries – wood manufacturing, plastic products, automotive, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, local administration, banking, health insurance, utilities, retail etc. This variety shows the interest for business information, a variety that SIVECO Romania is ready to comprehend, as these domains already appear in the company’s client portfolio.

The seminar participants were interested particularly in the Maintenance Management Component, part of the SIVECO Applications for equipment management, also for the Management Information System – SIVECO Business Analyzer, for the document management system – SIVADOC and the eLearning platform – AeL.

The Maintenance Management Component is one of the most important components of SIVECO Application integrated package, with a large number of implementations. This application manages the technical, financial management and use of equipment; assigned human resources management; maintenance related spare parts, activities, contracts, budgets and costs management; maintains a history of the maintenance activities.

The Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications is an integrated package with over 26 components that manage each process of the organization, in any industry.  The components can be grouped according to the client’s needs, with results in personalized solutions for each client.  Over 70% of the SIVECO Romania’s clients use the Maintenance Management Component, counting in ALRO Slatina SA, URSUS Brewery, AEROSTAR Bacau, Constanta Harbor Administration, Petrom, Libertatea Cluj-Napoca.

Among the business intelligence the company presented the Management Information System – SIVECO Business Analyzer, vital for an organization’s decision and management system. It is a tool for analysis and forecast, resembling a panel that acts like an information integrator.  SIVECO Business Analyzer groups and interprets the information in the most various forms: general reports, sales and marketing analysis, planning and prognosis, financial consolidation, legal reports, budget analysis, profit analysis etc.

SIVADOC document management system, developed by SIVECO Romania, simplifies the document flux, reduces answering time to requests and allows activities deployment monitoring.

SIVECO Romania approaches the HR departments’ training component with AeL Enterprise eLearning platform, the first system of its kind entirely developed in Romania.  AeL Enterprise is designed for Computer Assisted Learning – CAL, and can be also used for long distance learning – Computer Based Learning.  AeL Enterprise has testing features in order to met companies’ needs for measuring the impact and training program efficiency, for continuous improvement. The system is build in a flexible way – it provides interactive sessions with multimedia facilities, videoconferences, and integrates most of the MS Office documents, movies and multimedia materials.