Projects from European funds developed by SIVECO Romania ensure a good use of modern educational instruments | SIVECO Romania

Projects from European funds developed by SIVECO Romania ensure a good use of modern educational instruments

Monday, July 11, 2011

Over 50,000 Romanians benefit from professional training courses in the IT field

Bucharest, 11th of July 2011 - Changes on the labor market and the need of continuous training claim the adults professional training. According to a European report, only 18.5% of the employees have skills of ITC users, under the conditions when more and more jobs require digital skills.

SIVECO Romania is actively involved in developing projects funded from structural funds, both as applicant, and also as partner in projects co-funded from the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development (POS DRU). Partners in these projects are nongovernmental associations, teaching institutions and small and medium size enterprises.

The projects are targeting over 50,000 beneficiaries as follows: teaching staff from the pre-university and university education, pupils and students, trainers, physicians and medical nurses, unemployed from the rural and urban areas, managers from the urban and rural area, women looking for a job, employees from the railways transport, air transports, from the energy sector, the banking & finance sector, milling and bread manufacturing industry, oil and natural gas, constructions; employees from the social assistance sector, disable persons and young entrepreneurs.

The beneficiaries of the projects funded from structural funds, developed by SIVECO Romania attend courses in the field of ITC which familiarizes them in using the multimedia elements, moderns communication media, using specialized applications for producing presentations, using tabular calculation sheets, using the basic elements of HTML language.

"Our projects increase the employment opportunities by improving the level of specialty, generate local development and, maybe most important thing, stimulate the economic and social development", declares Cristina Itcus, Structural Funds Department Manager, SIVECO Romania.

Among the successful projects of SIVECO Romania are: "Rural Manager", through which 900 small entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs have attended the courses in managerial education, "Optimized education process in the view of knowledge society skills", where 8,600 teachers have attended professional training courses, "Means of career strengthening in the knowledge based society in the region Bucuresti-Ilfov", where 420 teaching staff has been trained and certified, "Teacher - creator of educational software", where 1,500 teachers develop competences regarding carrying out their own educational software applications.

All the projects that SIVECO Romania has been involved in ensure a good use of the modern educational skills, create competences for an inclusive society, provide instruments for eliminating stereotypes, contribute to reducing the digital gap, develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills, stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives for a sustainable development.