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Exchange of professional knowledge between youth and retired persons

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SIVECO supports the active collaboration between professional generations through ProMe research project

The project ProMe (PROfessional Intergenerational Cooperation and MEntoring) develops an IT mentoring platform allowing the exchange of professional knowledge between the persons about to enter retirement and the youngsters at the beginning of their professional career or who, pure and simple, want to enlarge their knowledge horizon. These two groups have received two roles: Mentor and Mentee (Pupil).

More than a communication platform, ProMe represents a way of collaborating and sharing the knowledge acquired throughout their career contributing to keeping elderly active and improving their quality of life. Through a series of computer aided communication tools one aims at building dialogue bridges between professional and occupational generations, irrespective of their geographical location. 

„People claim their role in society, irrespective of their age. Social inclusion life-long learning and collaboration between the generations by means of virtual instruments in view of achieving mutual benefits are equally approached in ProME project. Retirements brings along endeavors regarding the means of using time in a way that would ensure a certain status or minimal appreciation to the retired persons from the work force. Thus, ProMe platform represents a dedicated social space where generations meet and, at the same time, as a modality of distributing the expertise and the skills of the elderly”, has stated Otilia Bularca, project responsible, SIVECO Romania.

The ProMe project is funded through the common research program Ambient Assisting Living / Assistance for Older Persons’ Independence at Home (AAL) represented in Romania through the Executive Unit for Funding Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI).

The project is coordinated by Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg. SIVECO Romania, along with Gluck Netherlands are the partners ensuring the design and development of the information system in this project, while AGIR (General Engineers Association in Romania), NFE (National Foundation for the Elderly, Netherlands) and EURAG Austria are the organizations facilitating development of sociological research at the level of application’s end-users. Project’s promotion and visibility are ensured by Inventya Ltd (UK).