Pupils in 20 high schools in the Republic of Moldova use the AeL eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

Pupils in 20 high schools in the Republic of Moldova use the AeL eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania

Thursday, September 9, 2010

80 teachers have been trained within the pilot project, having at their disposal during the teaching process 150 interactive lessons for 4 subject matters

Bucharest, 9th of September 2010 - The new school year brings novelties for the pupils in 20 high schools in the Republic of Moldova, who are benefitting now of the AeL eLearning platform and of interactive educational content for 150 lessons, for four subject matters.

Representatives of SIVECO Romania have participated in the event of new school year opening in the Republic of Moldova, where a biology lesson was held at Spiru Haret theoretical High school, attended by the Education Minister Leonid Bujor and Deputy Education Minister Tatiana Potîng, as well as other officials from the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

The event successfully marks the completion of activities proposed in the Collaboration Agreement between the Ministry of Education and SIVECO Romania, signed on August 4th, 2010, regarding the acceleration of the process for introducing IT into the pre-univeristy education.

20 high schools from 15 districts (namely Cahul, Căuşeni, Cimişlia, Criuleni, Drochia, Făleşti, Glodeni, Hînceşti, Ialoveni, Leova, Nisporeni, Orhei, Străşeni, Teleneşti and Ungheni), as well as the municipalities of Kishinev and Bălţi have been included in the project, developed for the 2010-2011 school year.

Minister Leonid Bujor has appreciated the efforts made for performing the open lesson, both by teachers and pupils, and has mentioned that this pilot is extremely useful. "After the closing of the current study year, we will decide upon the possibility for project's extension to a national program, that wll include all the high schools in the country", said the minister.

The pilot project has included implementing the new technologies in education, by setting up an electronic platform, ensuring educational software through producing 150 computer assieted lessons for the subject matters mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, both in Romanian and Russian, teachers training, increasing the level of high schools endowment with It equipments.

"SIVECO Romania trainers have successfully completed training of the 80 teachers in using AeL, 4 teaching staff from each high school participating in the project. Teachers' training has taken place at the Center for Informationa and Communication Technologies in Education. The AeL lesson provide the teacher with flexibility and represent an exceptional tool promoting the student-centered approach. The electronic lessons have an attractive design and are easy to use, contain animations, virtual experiments and simulations, that significantly contribute to understanding the concepts and phenomena presented", has said Viorel Jigman, project coordinator on behalf of SIVECO Romania.