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Pupils are interested “in a different kind of” lessons

Monday, May 26, 2008

“The Sunday meetings”, organized by the “Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum”, is an interactive and interdisciplinary program dedicated to children and parents. In the last Sunday of every month, starting with 11.00 o’clock, the museum’s researchers give presentations to pupils and parents interested in science, biology and ethnography.

In this way, the specialists from Antipa wish to offer children the chance to understand complex information in an enjoyable, efficient and long lasting manner.

In the most recent conference, the participants were invited to learn about the world of insects. Over 100 pupils form the 1st to the 8th grade were extremely receptive and interested in the subject.

The Biology presentation shifted than to the virtual world – a world of IT adventures where everything is possible.

During the interactive presentation of the Myria Educational program, pupils showed their enthusiasm for the interactive lessons that focus on games and experiments. The presentation had a big impact on the participants, who were extremely pleased that they don’t have to memorize and reproduce the information, but they need to understand it first.

Is it possible to play and learn in the same time?

The presentation of the AeL and eduCreativ lessons proved to the young pupils how a standard lesson could be transformed with the help of interactive games into a useful and enjoyable activity. The relevant questions addressed by the participants and the intense dialogue on this theme proved that the young pupils are interested in the modern methods of learning and the interactive lessons represent a hot subject for debating.

About Myria Educational

The Myria Educational Program aims at emphasizing the importance of education and support the involvement of members of the society in children’s education.

The Myria Educational Program is the result of an exceptional partnership, that involves renowned companies in the IT&C industry –Complet ElectroServ, Microsoft, SIVECO Romania, AltFactor and AMD. The project was developed in order to provide the Romanian market a full and efficient educational product based on the newest technologies.      

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