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Pupils want to debate themes concerning the values of democracy

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bucharest, 17th of April 2007 – Recently, at I.C.Bratianu High school in Pitesti, took place the 5th debate from the series of ten civic conferences in which personalities from the public sector, the academic field and journalists from Cotidianul, accompany ARDOR and Pro Democratia club members in debating themes on the subject of “the good functioning of the democracy”. SIVECO Romania, partner in organizing this event, encourages the adoption of real democratical values by supporting the involvement of young people in promoting these principles.

In her statement of motives on the website http://www.conferintelecivice.ro/, Mrs. Irina Socol, general manager at SIVECO Romania, declares:” Our company encouraged and constantly promoted the education based on modern principles, as well as an open and permanent dialogue between teachers and pupils. By supporting the project initiated by ARDOR we want to emphasis the role that our company is playing both in the education system and in the society. The proposal from ARDOR follows our objectives regarding young people – to motivate them in getting actively involved in the educational process, as well as the chance offered to every youngster to prove his civic qualities and his democratical spirit”.

Knowledge remains a constant in our society and with the help of this project, pupils have the chance of applying dialogue techniques, learning to give explanations and accept opposite opinions. This project is important because it offers young people free access to information and the chance to learn how to use the democracy’s instruments.

SIVECO Romania supports actively many educational projects, aiming at constantly extending the collaborations in this area.