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5 reasons to adopt an employee performance management solution

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Does the management of your employees’ skills, the level of training and employees’ need for training represent an issue for you?

For almost all organizations, of any size, the answer is YES. Recognizing this critical market requirement, SIVECO Romania has developed within the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2020 two software solutions that address any business managers, HR professionals and employees of the organization: Employee Performance Management and Online Access to Employees' Information.

”When we started to develop these solutions, we aimed to raise the efficiency of the companies that will use them, by automating the whole performance management process. Sometimes, no matter how efficient the HR professionals would be, they are unable to manage huge volumes of data about their employees' skills and training needs. In addition, the information can be stored in a manner that is accessible anytime to the managers or those involved in personnel evaluation. The applications, dedicated to performance management, provide access to a comprehensive database, accessible at any time and facilitate alignment of organizational objectives with employees' individual development goals”, says Stefanita Ghita, Development Manager SIVECO Applications 2020.

Here are the top five arguments which demonstrate that implementation of the two solutions bring clear advantages to their beneficiaries:

  1. The application provides a clear picture of employees’ level of training and how their skills meet the requirements of their jobs. The system provides objective information on the level of employees’ involvement, how they solve their tasks and the extent to which they meet deadlines. The system can identify and track the real-time needs of professional and personal development of employees. In addition, the system encourages continuous feedback between employees and their manager, leading to the strengthening of interpersonal connections and creates an environment conducive to professional development.

  2. The employee performance management applications developed by SIVECO works on-premises and Cloud architecture and thus help at reducing operational costs. In the Cloud, data on employees are managed at centralized level and can be accessed online by all authorized users. The company no longer needs to invest in hardware, dedicated servers or maintenance services. In addition, information can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere, reducing the printing needs.

  3. The applications allow the rapid assessment of all employees, in a safe manner, in accordance with internal rules and regulations and with the law. Basically, the two applications offered by SIVECO cover all the aspects of employees’ performance management, specific to each company, adapt and contribute in a controlled environment to streamline the company's activity.

  4. The solutions facilitate the elimination of human errors, and the data being saved online, prevent the loss, theft or destruction of valuable information about employees in accidents or natural disasters.

  5. SIVECO's solutions can integrate and synchronize with already existing applications in the working environment.