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10 reasons why choosing a business management program

Friday, November 27, 2015

Business growth can be forecasted and achieved with help of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Implementing an ERP systems brings huge benefits to a company, ensuring a competitive advantage and facilitating the business processes. As choosing such a system is a strategic choice, an extensive and in-depth analysis is a must.

The specialists have identified a few of the most important criteria to be taken into account in order to procure an ERP system:

  1. Drawing up a list with the company’s current needs, stress being laid on the activities requiring improvement, as well as defining the number of users and internal processes.
  2. Identifying that ERP system that would cover of the organization’s activities, from the business type, number of employees and up to the business flows. In order to be sure of the choice made, the product’s demo has to be included as a mandatory step in the selection process.
  3. Selecting an optimal package of components that would cover the main business processes in the organization.. Choosing a perfectly integrated solution ensures, through a series of flexible functionalities, a high degree of customization and adjustment.
  4. Verifying that the selected ERP system observes the standards of the industry the organization is active in. The selected solution has to be compatible with the business requirements, but at the same time to provide also the possibility for extension through other modules or functionalities, in order to fulfill future requirements, generated by the business’ development.
  5. Verifying the capacity of the IT-based solution to adjust to the legislative, financial, accounting and management requirements of the country where the company is running its activity. The selected ERP system has to be conceived, from the very beginning, in compliance with these requirements the company has to meet on a daily basis.
  6. Comparative checking of the information system with the existing hardware equipment, both for solutions installed locally (on premises) or in cloud (SaaS - Software as a service).
  7. Ensuring support by the provider throughout the project’s duration, from the consultancy and implementation phase, up to users training and technical support.
  8. Involving all decision making factors in the organization, factor which will ensure the product fulfills the vital elements, necessary for the business’ success. Choosing an ERP system has to be seen as a business decision, not as an IT department decision.
  9. Substantial training of end users, so that the system shall be used at optimal level.
  10. The company’s management has to ensure that the product will be used. Rejecting the system for various reasons like ”I do not know/I do not have time for training /it was better before”, lack of communication and lack of management support delay the benefits the information system should bring about.

"Selecting an ERP system is a strategic process having major impact on the efficiency and productivity of a company, therefore, it is recommended to be granted with full attention. In companies where the management has encouraged the use of our integrated information system, the growth in performance has been indubitable, quantifiable in a short time. Our implementation team grants special attention not only to the implementation and users’ training module, but also to post-implementation technical support services – every time legislative changes occur, when upgrades are needed, in case the number of users modifies etc. The customers confirm us that after implementation of SIVECO Applications 2020 they have registered an increase in quality of their own services provided, reflected in a sales’ growth, a more correct cash-flow forecast. They say that usual procedures have been simplified, and they have a better organizational communication and higher visibility on the market, compared to the competition", states Lacramioara Barseti, manager of SIVECO Applications Department, SIVECO Romania.

So far, over 1,500 customers in Romania and abroad, from fields of activity such as production, trade, utilities, oil& gas, constructions, ports or airports operators and companies from the financial- banking sector have implemented the ERP system of SIVECO Romania - SIVECO Applications.