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Record number of visitor on SEI Educational Portal on the first day of national tests

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bucharest, June 21st - SEI Educational Portal started the national tests week by ranking first on Romanian educational sites top. For the  “last minute” reiteration and thorough ascertainment of the knowledge they acquired during the training months, more than 75000 visitors accessed last week, in search of subjects and norms from previous years exams.

First examination day, that of the Romanian language and literature test animated the discussion forum on SEI Educational Portal: parents, applicants and teachers are debating test’s solving, assess their chances in getting a good mark and share each other the feelings over the next days test.

The most cautious parents use the testing time to gather information on how to fill in the options form and how the repartition works.

With the help of the tutorial application “high-school Admission Orientation” published on at the end of last month, parents can check their children admission chances in specific high schools and or specializations can select and order the desired specializations and finally print the applications form.

The options lists are those published in the brochures edited by each county school inspectorate, and the application form layout is the official one.

According to, SEI Educational Portal took over the educational sites top, at consistent distance from the next ranked. popularity comes from the quality of the information and tools made available for the public by portal owner, Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and portal administrators, specialists within SIVECO Romania:

  • Accessible information about the national exams
  • A forum structured on discussion issues
  • Tutorial applications for the fill-in of the registration cards
  • Information about the methodologies and the exams calendar
  • Immediate and well-informed answers for the forum users
  • Free download of AeL Lessons for pupils’ preparations for the Baccalaureate
  • Subjects and norms from national exams and simulations in previous years

About SEI Educational Portal

SEI Educational Portal ( hosts yearly high school admission and repartition results, teachers’ nomination upon vacant positions, school and high school web hosting. With more than 45000 registers users, SEI Educational Portal is the most vivid Romanian virtual community, uniting teachers, pupils and parents all over the country. SEI Educational Portal is a Romanian Ministry and Education site, developed and administered by SIVECO Romania.