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The registration card for Admission 2004 can easier be filled - in on the Internet!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

23rd of June 2004, Bucharest - After the results of the National Tests are being posted, most of the admitted pupils, but also the parents, friends or acquaintances ask themselves the following questions:

  • How the filled-in of the registration card is done?
  • How the distribution is done?
  • What is more important: the grade or the succession of the options?
  • How many options is appropriate to have on the registration card?

The answers to all these questions, useful advice, practical examples and last minute information can be found on the web address of SEI portal (, which have been taken by storm by the parents and pupils that experience the emotions of a very important moment in their life: high school admission.

In the same way as last year, the mediators of discussion forum hosted by the portal, promptly respond to the users (pupils, teachers, parents) who want to be informed immediately and correctly about the steps they should take until the computerized distribution.

As a matter-of-fact, the most important step is to fill-in the registration card they receive from school:

  1. First the pupil together with the class master and the parents have to check the accuracy of the personal data written on the registration card. Possible errors have to be notified immediately to the school board and have to be fixed.
  2. On the registration card, which has to be hand in by the 3rd of June, have to be filled-in the options, in accordance with the pupil's interests, preferences and aptitudes. The pupils are distributed according with their grades and options. That means that the grade comes first, a pupil with a lower grade can not take the place of a pupil with a higher grade.
  3. In order to increase the chances of success, we recommend to have as much options as possible on the registration card.
  4. The options' completion and prioritising can be done by first consulting the information regarding the number of the vacant positions available and the lowest grade that had allowed the admission in the previous years.
    A precious instrument that can help is also an IT tool: The tutorial application ADLIC 2004, developed by SIVECO Romania and posted on Any user registered on the portal can use the application in order to prioritise the options and realistically fill-in the registration card.
  5. After the registration cards are included in the national database, the accuracy of the data on the registration cards has to be checked at the school from where the pupil comes, by comparing the original registration card with the control registration card printed on the application

Because this year comparing with 2003, the level of the admission grades is higher, we recommend to chose as much options as possible!