The results obtained by SIVECO Romania team in 2002 - a realistic premise for 2003 ambitious plans | SIVECO Romania

The results obtained by SIVECO Romania team in 2002 - a realistic premise for 2003 ambitious plans

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Bucharest, 21st of January 2003 - In 2002, SIVECO turnover increased significantly, with over 32%, compared to the previous year.

Due to the fructification, in December, several projects started during the year, at the end of 2002, total incomes of 8,6 millions USD were recorded; these results confirmed the most optimistic forecasts.

These results entitle the management to foresee a turnover of 12-million USD turnover, representing a 40%, compared to 2002.

"Our optimism comes from the fact that the new year has started under privileged auspices: most of the incomes in 2003 are covered by projects started in 2002," declared Mrs. Irina SOCOL, SIVECO Romania General Manager. "It is very important that these incomes structure is a balanced one - being made of big and small projects, coming from our co-operation with both private and state organization, on national and international markets. Almost half of the incomes from 2002 came from the exports - special remarks for the projects developed for Germany, Belgium, Croatia, USA, France, Japan. Among our international collaborations we have to mention the partnership with the Danish company Prolog Development.

SIVECO also classified on the 1st place on the short selection list for an important bid related to the computerization of the Croatian Primary Medical System, IN2 Croatia, Microsoft Croatia and HP Croatia as partners - premises for starting a very important project.

In 2003, we will mainly focus on large projects, at national level, such as computerizing the Romanian educational system and SNP Petrom, but we are also pleased that the database of our local clients has significantly increased which confirms that business is both rhythmical and predictable within SIVECO Romania."

Now, more than 130 organizations in Romania, in different fields of activity (equipment, harbor services, trade, aeronautic, foods, metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, cement, telecommunication, mining, customs services, electric and nuclear power, wood, furniture, banking, water supply, etc.) benefit of SIVECO products and services.

Among these clients, there can be mentioned: The Ministry of Education, SNP PETROM SA, PETROBRAZI, AEROSTAR Bacău, BRML, APMC, General Customs Administration, RAAVJ Petroşani, ROMTELECOM, TERMOELECTRICA and its subsidiaries, ALRO Slatina, ARPECHIM, MCTI, PETROLEXPORTIMPORT, ORANGE ROMANIA, MOL Romania, CARBID FOX, LETEA Bacau etc.

"2003 is a decisive year for placing our company both on national and international markets", SOCOL declared. "We will use our abilities to carry out complex projects for customers like CNAS, MEC, PETROM without neglecting the importance of smaller projects. Our products portfolio has very much increased during these years and the promotion, besides SIVECO Applications integrated system, of some solutions like SIVABON, for credit bureau and SIVADOC, for document management, will allow us to enter new markets and to generate new development sources."

The key for fulfilling our future plans is SIVECO Romania team, made of specialists able to generate, implement and achieve successful projects.