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ROCS 2002 - Official SIVECO Applications Jubilee Version Launch

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Bucharest, 28th November 2002 - SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System components make possible all companies management and cover completely the business area of large and medium-sized organizations in Romania - public and private companies from different fields of activity.

SIVECO Applications 10.2 is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package, completely adapted to the Romanian regulations and was entirely developed by SIVECO Romania, the medium effort to develop and maintain it being of almost 40 specialists per year, for seven years.

Integrated Information System components developed by SIVECO are now efficiently used by over 1 000 companies in more than 30 countries all over the world and by over 120 customers in Romania.

SIVECO Applications is a flexible and robust software solution which can be used on modules and which solves a wide range of requests coming from the clients.

Its client and business orientation is emphasized by the accent on solving the problems specific to the current activities in the economic, commercial, technical, personnel/wages, administrative, supply and distribution departments.

The "n-tier" architecture provides the clients several advantages among which the scalability and the capacity to reduce the maintenance and operation cost.

SIVECO Applications implementation and use leads to an improvement in the companies? activities by productivity increase, a judicious use of the human and material resources, the operative and detailed information about expenses and incomes, with the possibility to reduce costs. There can be achieved as well a better orientation of the users, which leads to an increased competition. And, last but not least, the increased possibility to communicate with the partners allows a better integration and a more efficient cooperation with them.

"Here are only some of the reasons why we believe and say that SIVECO Applications 10.2 is the best ERP on the Romanian market: first of all, it perfectly balances the price with services quality. Then, successful cases portfolio includes large companies, extremely exigent, such as: Constanta Sea Harbor Administration, SNP Petrom - the central headquarters and the subsidiary offices, the Romanian Customs, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, RAAVJ, ALRO Slatina and many others, the company being oriented toward creating long-term partnerships with its clients. Thirdly, but from the point of view of importance, the reliability and professionalism of the specialists at SIVECO Romania are acknowledged both in Romania and abroad", declared Aurora CRUSTI, SIVECO Applications department Manager.

About the SIVECO Applications jubilee version:

Among the main extensions and improvements 10.2 version, a mature, consolidated product, provides, there can be mentioned:

- including the application for production management;

The application is meant to assist the entire production system and covers the preparing, starting and assisting stages; the application offers, by a specific module, an active support for the production and supply planning departments. The application is able to:

- prepare the production (define the product configuration, including the fabrication technologies for each mark - the product component),

- manage the production orders, plan the production (plan the necessary materials - MRP - for the production orders, plan the operations and resources necessary for their realization, in finite capacities conditions - CRP - and respect the terms of delivery for the materials.

- start the production (that is generate the entire necessary documentation, as well as qualify the work disposals referring to the production and gather the manual work and the materials used for executing a certain technology.)

- integrate a PDM (Product Data Management) system, meant for assisting the technologic design departments.

- the changes (additions/improvements) operated at the level of the financial-accounting component:

By including a new module meant for the alignment at the IAS (International Accounting Standard) standards, there can be achieved:

- the processing of the financial information, with the possibility to emphasize the fiscal influences;

- the flexible definition of the financial reports (Balance, Profit and Loss Account, Cash-flow Situation)

- the definition of synthetic indicators, predictions and analyses.

- the changes (additions/improvements) operated at the level of the transportation management component.

SIVECO Romania has launched yearly at least one new version of its ERP integrated package, first out of a strong desire to meet the new requests expressed by the customers, and secondly as a consequence of regulation modifications or of novelties that appeared in the field of the information technology.