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ROMANCERAM completes its information solution

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bucharest, May 31, 2005 – The Romanian producer for sanitary products and ceramic objects ROMANCERAM decided to complete its information system SIVECO Applications implemented so far, with the Human Resources Management Component.  This decision shows the high level of satisfaction reached by using the solution and proves the company’s policy for modern related activities.

The Human Resources Management Component addresses those companies that pay great attention to their personnel.  The application allows a transparent administration of the human resources, according to the career development plan, the training courses undertaken. By using this component, the management can monitor and evaluate the evolution of each employee professionally.

The human resources solution chosen by ROMANCERAM allows efficient coordination of the personnel activities, evolution monitoring and diagnostic analysis of the managed resources.

The Human Resources Management Component from the integrated package SIVECO Applications contributes significantly to:

  • Cost reducing and efficient activities for the HR department;
  • Less efforts for current activities related to HR management;
  • Employee performance monitoring;
  • Information security and protection;
  • Fast access to information and actions;
  • Transparent integration of the new systems with the old ones;
  • All the calculations are made according to the current legislation and permanent update without affecting previous month.
  • The Human Resources Management Component is structured in functional modules, which manage the developing and monitoring cycle of the human resources within the company.

Besides the facilities mentioned above, a human resources solution should manage efficiently the training activities for each employee.  SIVECO Romania has such a solution – the eLearning platform AeL, modular solution, extremely flexible, able to manage any type of content and human resources in training for any type of organization.  The platform keeps record for the courses, signals the gaps in education and generates messages with recommendations regarding the subjects that need to be studied thoroughly, monitors trainers performance, manages the classrooms, generates progress reports for the management.

When using AeL platform for internal training, it can lead to significant savings, as it eliminates the costs with the classical training: participation taxes, accommodation and travel expenses.  The platform provides the HR managers with monitoring reports for the employees’ performance, and helps reaching the best decisions for career planning.

The Human Resources and Payroll Management Components are implemented at numerous organizations in Romania.  Between the references we encounter private companies from various industries: production, telcos, retail, transport etc.