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The Romanian airport services improve based on IT

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bucharest, 28th of November 2007 – Anywhere in the world, aircraft sector occupies a strategic economic position. Presently, this domain of activity has regained the deserved importance in Romania and it is more and more supported and monitored. Recently, all European operational and aerial navigation standards have been implemented on a national level. And this sets the premises for substantially reforming the national airport activity.

In the actual development stage of the airport services, also coinciding with the celebration the first year of the Romanian admission in EU, it is necessary to grant an important interest to information improvement.

In order to insure the efficiency and uniformity of operations to which different dedicated processes and data fluxes are subjected, the management of the air organizations becomes increasingly aware of the benefits rendered by professional informational solutions.

SIVECO Applications is such a solution, and SIVECO Romania has made it available for the management of the airport activities. It is an extremely complex modular solution, which – by the interconnection of its modules – offers the warranty for the best functioning of the airport management. This solution has been recently presented on the occasion of the Romanian Airports Forum 2007 conference. The event focused on a subject of present interest, namely the evolution of the airport sector from the perspective of the investments and innovations made in this area of activity. On this occasion, Ciprian Sandru, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania, discussed the main benefits obtained as a result of software implementation in the airport industry.

By using SIVECO Applications informational package – an advanced informational application – able to insure an effective automation of the processes and data fluxes – the Romanian airports can equally compete with the international ones.  

„The passengers are the main beneficiaries, gaining a substantial decrease in the stationing time, an improvement in the registering, control, and traffic processes, both on the airport precincts and outside the airport area. The facilities offered by the software solution developed by SIVECO Romania can insure an effective monitoring of all the factors and processes contributing to the fluidization and standardization of airport operations. The end-user will find this time and means economy within substantially improved services, a better information management, which will guarantee the elimination of the human errors involved in data centralization and processing”, declares Ciprian Sandru, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The involvement of SIVECO in providing software solutions for the beneficiaries in the aviation industry is mainly measured by the constant increase in the client portfolio in this area. „Traian Vuia” International Airport from Timisoara, considered the second airport from Romania regarding the traffic of passengers and aerial movements, and Carpatair SA, the one of the biggest private operators of aerial traffic from Romania and East Europe, are among the company references.

By implementing the SIVECO Applications solution, the airport service providers gain benefits which are specific to their business need – benefits ranging from the improvement of the airport service charging methods, the decrease in the stationing time, the real-time issuing of statistic reports to the immediate profit account.

The airline companies are responsible with providing their passengers not only with the warranty of a completely safe and secure flight, but also with best quality services. This desideratum cannot be accomplished without a total control of the processes, without a constant controlled access to the correct updated information and, more importantly, without a correct connection between the airport, charging offices, the private handling companies and the airline operators, equally involved in the airport activity. 

SIVECO Romania closely supports the development of the airport sector through customized solutions that are able to insure the increase of the efficiency and control indicators in this domain of activity. This way, there are solved to a great extent the aviation sector requirements, significantly increasing the passenger trust in the safety of the air transportation and in the Romanian airport management’s maturity.