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Romanian doctors use advanced IT tools for their patients' investigation

Friday, October 31, 2008

Modernization of medical device and the process of clinical investigation in Romania are based of the implementation of the current IT&C tools. Understanding the causes of various diseases and establish a just and early diagnosis for each of them, becomes more accessible to the Romanian doctors.

"Application of IT&C technologies in advanced health has a strong effects on the quality of medical services for all participants in the healthcare process - providers of medical services and pharmaceuticals, hospitals, ambulances, clinical and Para clinical units, specialized laboratories and last but not least, for the patients.

"With increasingly intense involvement of local IT developers in recent years have made important progress in the modernization of public health system and setting up information network for a range of disciplines of medical science,"said prof. Traian C. Ionescu, eHealth Business Consultant, in the SIVECO Romania.

Issues of health information are at present a great interest on the part of doctors and specialists in computer science. 
"The development of medical science is part of the current concerns of the European Union. By allocating substantial funds for research in this area, the EU encourages the developing of informatics systems of health of member countries. SIVECO Romania was involved in this process, offering permanently supply of products of e-Health, including both solutions HealthInsurance and HealthCare. Through the partnership with AGFA, a leading provider of IT enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, SIVECO Romania expands its expertise in the area of specialized applications for health," added Professor Traian C. Ionescu.

Recent, advances in Romanian medicine create the preconditions for building a viable health-care system.