The Romanian eLearning Platform AeL was appreciated at eLearnExpo Paris 2005 | SIVECO Romania

The Romanian eLearning Platform AeL was appreciated at eLearnExpo Paris 2005

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Bucharest, 15 February 2005 – the 10th edition of the international event eLearnExpo took place recently in the Parisian Palace of Congresses. The event, known as a top one on the educational solutions market joined the most important developers worldwide.

Romania was present in this world reunion of the main players on the educational market with the AeL (Advanced eLearning)eLearning platform developed by SIVECO Romania.

In September 2004, AeL was nominated for the IST Prize by the European Commission, acquiring maximum visibility in the international events related to eLearning, the visitors’ and exhibitors’ interest towards the European elite being in full progress.

Visitors from many European countries tested the AeL system’s capabilities, appreciating its quality and the originality of the educational content developed in Romania, as well as Romanians’ talent and interest in eLearning.

Integrated software systems designed to assist teachers, pupils and other stake- holders in the educational process, AeL is the backbone of the software application developed within the IT-Based Educational System.

AeL offers support for teaching and learning both on-site and at a distance, for testing, evaluation and grading, creation, organization and management of the multimedia educational system, for the learning process administration and curricular out-look.

About IST Prizes        

Due to its unique constitution and access to the most distinguished experts in Europe, Euro-CASE organizes the European Information Society Technologies Prize, with the support and sponsorship of the IST Programme of the European Commission.

The European IST Prize is the most distinguished Prize for innovative products and services in the field of Information Society Technologies. The Prize is open to companies or organisations in 33 countries that present an innovative IST product with a promising market potential.

50-70 European IST Prize Nominees are selected among all applicants. The Nominees have undergone a thorough, highly competitive evaluation procedure,
Subsequently the European IST Prize evaluation group selects the 20 European IST Prize Winners among the Nominees. The Winners receive each €5,000 and are invited to exhibit their products at the annual IST Event.

Finally, at the annual IST Event, the European IST Prize Executive Jury, consisting of 18 Executives nominated by Euro-CASE, selects the three European IST Grand Prize Winners among the 20 Winners. Each Grand Prize Winner will receive € 200,000 and the European IST Prize Trophy.

In 2003, 420 companies from 28 countries have applied for the European IST Prize.
 Euro-CASE, the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, is a European non-profit-making organisation of national Academies from eighteen European countries. Euro-CASE has access to top level European experience and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues with a clear European dimension.

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