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The Romanian IT Based Educational System – the vanguard of deep reformation

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bucharest, 17th May 2006 - Recently, at Iasi and Cluj , were organized the seminars “The Romanian IT Based Educational System – the vanguard of deep reformation”. At the events participated Mihail Hărdău, the Ministry of Education and Research, local authorities, representatives of  Iasi and Cluj School Inspectorates, schools directors and representatives of local press.

 Within the seminars, SIVECO Romania representatives presented the national results obtained by the implementation of SEI and offered a short demonstration of the AeL eContent advantages on the learning-teaching process.

The students of Energetic College from Cluj and the students of The National College Costache Negruzzi from Iasi demonstrated that the principles of the new educational system have a great impact on the learning process.

With these occasions, Mr. Hardau renounced at the official position and took a sit in the bench, becoming for a few minutes an impatient student willing to find out the secrets of the new educational system.

The discussion revealed important aspects that can make the IT based teaching methods more effective. The participants point out that the schools’ poor endowment transformed SEI laboratories in Computer Science laboratories and that SEI laboratory is rarely used for the purpose of the national educational program. Other problems are the teachers reticence to the new teaching methods and the small number of IT trainers at the level of every district, which make the teachers’ training rhythm slower than the school endowment rhythm with IT laboratories.

These situations are exceptions that confirms the rule – point of view sustained by the teachers Ema Cerchez and Marinel Serban, exceptional persons involved in the educational software development and able to encourage their students to get involved.

Alexandru Veruzi, one of the three students, developers of educational software, that were present at the event, offered a clear solution to the problems fore mentioned –“the students will make their teachers to use the new didactical technologies”.

Appreciating the open manner of discussing the problems, Mr. Hardau recommended for the future a strong teacher-student collaboration. Also he asked the teachers to use this important governmental investment at its maximum capacity, and promised that at the end of 2008, all the gymnasium schools will be equipped with IT laboratories and educational software.

On 25 May was organized the third debate on this theme.