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The Romanian know-how in eLearning -a success case at the eLearning Lisbon 2007 European Conference

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bucharest, 25th October 2007 – From the 15th to the 16th of October, Portugal hosted the eLearning Lisbon 2007 European Conference, organized under the patronage of the European Commission and the Portugal Presidency. The event captured the hottest topics from the European eLearning domain, targeting the decision makers from the political arena, HR managers, authorities and managers from the educational field, teachers and eLearning experts.

Having as main theme „Delivering on the Lisbon Agenda”, the conference brought together renowned personalities from the European eLearning area. On this occasion, Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Manager within SIVECO Romania, gave the presentation “Nationwide Implementation of the IT-Based Educational System in Romania, a Success Story”.

The presence of SIVECO Romania in the scientifically sessions of this prestigious conference proves that the reputation of SEI–The IT-based Educational Program and the AeL solution went well beyond the Romanian borders and the special invitation we received from the Scientifically Committee is a great honor for us”, declared Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The SEI Project has started in 2001, having as main objective supporting the didactical process in the pre-university education system with help of IT based systems. Within this program, over 75,000 teachers have been trained, while 3 million pupils from over 4,800 schools and high schools in Romania benefit from 1,700 multimedia lessons covering 14 subjects.

The SEI Program was presented in the dedicated sessions that analyze the role of eLearning in the major changes that are going to influence Europe in the next years. The major themes analyzed during the sessions included: eInclusion, Knowledge Sharing, Informal Learning, Communities, Skills, Quality and Valuation. Among the speakers were: Luís Filipe, President of the Portuguese Foundation for ICT Promotion, José Vieira da Silva, Minister for Labour and Social Solidarity, Pedro Silva Pereira, Minister for the Presidency, Maruja Gutierrez-Diaz, Head of Multimedia Unit, DG Education and Culture, Innovation and transversal policies, European Commission, Laurentino Dias, Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Valter Lemos, Secretary of State for Education, Mariano Gago, Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education.

 “In many European countries, the alternative solutions to the classical educational system win more and more the confidence of teachers, pupils and society. We live in a knowledge society, where pupils don’t need to memorize and reproduce exactly the information but, first of all, need to understand it. ELearning represents a new perspective on education and on the relation between teachers and pupils. The SEI program, implemented in Romania did not replace and will never replace the book –it has brought the chance for all parties involved to participate creatively to the educational process”, declared Radu Jugureanu.

In Romania the need of an educated workforce, capable of using the new technologies and quickly adapt to a continuous changing environment, brought a very favorable climate for developing eLearning solutions. AeL, the eLearning solution created by SIVECO Romania, focuses on transforming the educational process into an interactive and attractive activity, easy to examine, that leads to a higher involvement from pupils and to a quicker and long lasting assimilation of knowledge.

In the future, using the eLearning solutions will become, at the European level, a compulsory development component for the entire society. By means of the SEI project, SIVECO Romania aims at contributing to the development of a future creative generation, familiarized with technology and change, with a quick response to these factors.

The technological development will reconstruct the schools worldwide, and eLearning will finally allow, free and equal access to education and culture, for children all around the world”, concluded Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.