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Romanian Naval Authority gains efficiency by applying SIVECO Applications

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Bucharest, 7th of September 2006 - Romanian Naval Authority (RNA) decided to extend its investments in acquiring information technology, based on a development strategy focused on continuous quality improvement of the services provided to its clients.

This endeavor meets RNA’s need to align to EU as well as international standards and norms, but also to the company’s intent to standardize and unify its activities, in order to ensure a consistent, complete and timely information of its decision makers, partners and the general public.
Having said this, the Romanian Naval Authority has recently acquired SIVECO Applications – a business integrated information system.

The solution supplied by SIVECO Romania best serves the management’s objectives to make activities more efficient, in order to minimize the economical and bureaucratical impact, to ensure decisional transparency and to improve customer relations by increasing the quality of its services.
The organizational structure of Romanian Naval Authority consists of headquarter, controlling six subordinated area units: Constanta, Tulcea, Galati, Giurgiu and Turnu Severin.

Among the objectives envisaged through this investment are:

  • a consistent management of all data categories while assuring real time transfer of information between headquarter and the area units;
  • control and efficient resources coordination while facilitating the management access to consistent and coherent information;
  • support of decision making process for planning and prognosis activities.

Implementing SIVECO Applications will bring major benefits to RNA, as follows:

  • standardizing work procedures and data structures’ consolidation;
  • reduce bureaucracy, quick, direct and secure access to information;
  • quick data transfer of information between HQ and area units;
  • control of activities and management decision based on analysis indicators;
  • resources optimization and concrete internal costs reduction;
  • increased control over cash and its allocation which leads to correct financial decisions;
  • increased control over budgeted activities, optimization of the planning process as well as of the budget tracking;
  • better monitoring of debt collection and improved supplier – client relations through the security offered by consistent management data.

"By providing performing tools, SIVECO ensures a complete vision on the activity of the entire organization, thus supporting the company’ s management. Both at managerial, as well as at end – users’ level, all economic data will be known and shared at analytical and also at synthetical level, with further possibilities for analysis and support of correct and timely decisions", says Paul Brânzã, RNA General Manager.

About RNA

The Romanian Naval Authority - RNA is organized and works according to GO No. 42/1997 on navigation, approved with changes and updates by Law No. 412/2002.
RNA is a technical body subordinated to the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing by means of which the state’s authority regarding the navigation is exercised.
RNA is a public institution not financed by the state budget, which was born by the merger of the Civil Navigation Inspectorate with Autonomous Regie “Romanian Naval Registry”, taking over the duties and responsibilities of both institutions.