Romanian participation in the IST Africa 2007 Conference Exhibition | SIVECO Romania

Romanian participation in the IST Africa 2007 Conference & Exhibition

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bucharest, 13th May 2007 - Recently, Maputo - Mozambique’s capital city, hosted the international conference and exhibition IST Africa 2007.

In the event took part representatives of the EU Commission, SADC (Southern African Development Community), African governmental organizations as well as delegates from 50 countries that gave more than 150 presentations.

SIVECO Romania was present both in the exhibition - where it promoted innovative technologies and interactive multimedia educational solutions, and in the conference.

The delegates from SIVECO Romania, Alexandru Cosbuc, International Sales Manager, eLearning Solutions and Otto Zelch, Line of Business Director, gave the presentation “The Success of The Romanian IT- Based Educational System”. The public showed great interest in the presentation.

AeL the eLearning solution created by SIVECO Romania received numerous national and international awards, demonstrating that the Romanian educational software is highly competitive on this market.

The interactive lessons created on the AeL platform, won in 2005 the World Summit Award, a world competition of digital content at which applications from 168 countries participated. After 7 years of successful implementation of SEI  – the IT based Educational System, we are capable of sharing our experience with other countries who are interested in introducing IT&C in education” declared Otto Zelch, eLearning Line of Business Director with SIVECO Romania.

In the event there were presented the most innovative solutions and the results of research studies conducted in the field of IT&C, as well as the know-how and the good practice in developing interactive and multimedia educational projects. The numerous representatives of leading government, industry and research organizations that participated in the event, aimed at promoting the most efficient solutions for introducing IT&C in the education system in South Africa.

SIVECO Romania is willing to share its know-how in developing national and international projects regarding the introducing of IT&C in education and is aiming at establishing profitable partnerships with representatives of leading government, industry and research organizations.