Romanian pupils and teachers have acces to an exceptional educational didactic content | SIVECO Romania

Romanian pupils and teachers have acces to an exceptional educational didactic content

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bucharest, 13th of February 2006 - In the forth phase of the IT-Based Educational System(SEI) unrolling in the present, the implementation of AeL laboratories continue succesfully. 

Soon, 3228 schools will beneficiate from these laboratories

Romanian pupils and teachers have now acces to an exceptional educational didactic content incorporated in AeL lessons (another 1225 new lessons are added to those implemented in AeL laboratories), but also other adjacent educational materials such as: 16 dictionaries, 8 tutorials, 3 encyclopedias, 4 dedicated editors, (Mathematic formulas, Chemistry formulas, electrical engineering etc.), MacMillan English lessons, which covers 8 years of study.

At European level, SEI is considered one of the most advanced projects that introduces IT technologies in the educational process, and the content developed within SEI, received recently the World Summit Award in Tunis. We invested considerable effort to get here, and AeL lessons, through the variety and quality of the content, accessibility, interactivity and design are an extraordinary tool, which supports the teaching-learning process” says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

The most valuable reference for AeL lessons is the World Summit Award jury’ appreciation, formed of 37 experts and who motivated their choice as it follows:

Advanced e-Learning Objects is an excellent example for a new approach to e-Learning. The digital material can be used in various learning environments, and it covers a huge range of subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Computer Science, Geography and Technology. The product gives the teacher great flexibility and is an excellent tool that promotes a student-centered approach. It has a very nice and clear design that significantly contributes to the understanding of the content. Rich in multimedia features, the product is a best practice example for new trends in e-Learning."

One of SEI4’s objective is to offer teachers institutionalized training for using IT technology and eLearning in education, through courses offered by Casa Corpului Didatic in all the counties.

The teachers who wish to initiate themselves in using the computer and AeL platform (thus obtaining certificates with 25 credits) can now attend „IT initiation” and „Using AeL” training courses organized by Casa Corpului Didactic.

60.000 teachers will be trained until the end of SEI4. In the first phases of the program 25.000 teachers were trained.