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Romanian teachers from Hungary learn to teach interactive and innovative with AeL

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bucharest, 15th November 2006 – Between 13 and 17 November 2006, ten Romanian teachers from Hungarian Schools had been trained in using computer in the teaching process and the multimedia content as a complementary instrument for learning.

This training stage aims to initiate the teachers in using the AeL platform and puts at theirs disposal a useful learning instrument that offers the possibility to experiment and to see phenomena difficult to be reproduced in the school laboratory.

The action from N. Balcescu High school from Gyula, the single bilingual (Romanian-Hungarian) scholar institution from Hungary, represents an extension of the training offered to the Romanian teachers within Romanian IT Based Educational System (SEI) started in 2001, simultaneously with the delivery of IT laboratories and implementation of AeL platform in high schools.

The computer assisted training is an interactive and cvasi autonomously modality of access at knowledge based on a learning process in the students rhythm, practically realized by observing, experimenting and discovering, all of this thanks to the computers and multimedia technology.

The IT laboratories from Gyula High School, Batania, Micherechi , Chitigaz  are equipped with educational software for teaching and learning that offers numerous advantages:

  • The covering of a large number of disciplines with interactive content (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Economy, Psychology, Romanian Literature)
  • The evaluation of the students and the abilities gained with the help of electronic tests.
  • The development and the adaptation of multimedia lessons and their planning by the teachers.

The teacher has at his disposal also a virtual library that can be used within the classroom and the possibility to create his own lesson, benefiting by specific editing instruments. In this way the classes become motivating, the teaching process being realized by discover and experiment, not by memorizing the information.

eLearning became the best friend for  Romanian students and for teachers a useful assistant that brings innovation and adds value to each lesson. We want that the interactivity and the advantages that AeL multimedia lessons are offering to help the Romanian teachers form Hungary to motivate their students. I am very confident that once discovered the functionalities of AeL platform and the benefits of the interactive courses, it will be used with trust as a complementary instruments in the teaching/learning process”, declares Dana Vladoiu, Training Project Coordinator at SIVECO Romania.