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Romanian teachers take part in global training programs

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recently, in Targoviste was organized a new training session within the Intel®Teach Program - Training in the Knowledge Society. Like the previous edition, the event aimed at training teachers for acquiring the certificate of Master Teacher.

The project promotes the integration of new technologies in education and aims at adapting the Romanian educational system, to the new requirements and challenges set by the creation of the knowledge society. 

"The new technologies change the traditional roles and relationship between the teacher and the student, the teacher becoming more a facilitator for knowledge. The course fully answers the challenges of today’s society, which expects of young people other relevant competencies than in the past: creativity, adapting to a changing society, collaboration and communication with the help of new technologies", said Minodora Dinu, teacher at the National College of Science, Tudor Vianu. 

The team of specialists from SIVECO Romania, who coordinate the project, organizes annually special sessions dedicated to teachers who want to obtain the Master Teacher certificate. Thus, in the current session, 60 teachers have received this certificate. An essential aspect of the Intel®Teach Program is that, after graduation, teachers who obtain the certificate of Master Teacher, will, in turn, be able to train within the same project, other teachers. 

"I'm glad to see that Romanian teachers are extremely interested in developing new skills. Through the Intel®Teach - Training in the Knowledge Society Program, teachers learn how to optimize the process of teaching by developing portfolios that put emphasis on the active teaching methods such as the project based teaching and the efficient use of IT&C tools in education, " said Dana Vladoiu, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania. 

Intel ® Teach program has helped millions of teachers in over 40 countries to effectively integrate technology in education, to improve the efficiency of learning. The Program Intel®Teach -Training in the knowledge society, started in Romania in October 2007. Until now, more than 2300 teachers were trained all around the country.