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Russian market interested in SIVECO Applications and AEL

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

19th of May 2004, Bucharest - Consistent in its strategy of expanding its business on international market, SIVECO Romania focuses equally on the West as well as the Eastern European markets. An extremely interesting market for all IT companies in the world, because of its opening and its resources is the Russian market.

Taking this into account, the participation to such an event as IT Week exhibition which is well-known internationally and witch is at its 15th edition, was a good opportunity for SIVECO Romania for presenting its products and services, but also it was a good opportunity to understand the features and demands of the Russian clients.

"Russian IT market its highly heterogeneous and complex" appreciates Mrs. Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania. "We believe without doubt that in this moment, there is a segment on this market for whom an ERP solution such as SIVECO Applications is perfectly suitable, covering all fields of economic activities, featuring high performances and low costs. We fully understand the problems of these clients because they are identical with the ones that Romanian clients were confronted with."

At SIVECO Romania's stand there were demonstrated the complex functionalities and advantages of using SIVECO Applications products and AEL.

"The visitors showed interest for all the components of SIVECO Applications Integrated package, but a special attention received Financial & Accounting Management Component, Budgets Management Component, Contracts Management Component and Production Management Component. We had also discussions with Moscow Pedagogic Institute and International Relations Institute' representatives, who were very impressed with AEL's concept, approach, complexity and flexibility" declares Lora Crusti, Manager Of SIVECO Applications Department

The organizers of the exhibition gave an award to SIVECO Romania for the quality of its participation, its professionalism and the complexity of the solutions presented within the exhibition.

"The participation at this IT event it is gaining experience on an unknown market for us a market that is surely hard to explore. We hope to accelerate the process of getting in this market by partnerships with Russian IT companies, that we have already contacted and with witch we wish to begin collaboration for promoting and implementing specific IT products and solutions" says Mrs. Irina Socol