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Romanian eLearning projects, examples of good practice in the most important European education community

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Scientix, the European portal dedicated to the scientific education recognizes the eLearning projects implemented by SIVECO, aiming at improving education

Five successful projects of eLearning type developed and implemented by the company SIVECO Romania have been recently taken over on the European Scientix portal,, the virtual meeting place of teaching staff in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, of researchers in education, the political decision making factors and to other professionals in the field of scientific education.

Among the successful projects promoted by the Scientix portal, implemented by SIVECO, is also the “Special schools Portal”,, awarded in 2013 in the prestigious competition World Summit Awards, for its positive impact on the special educational system in Romania. Within the project, the company has developed interactive multimedia content for children with special education needs. Currently, 14,000 children with special education needs from 140 schools in Romania have access to 1,500 interactive lessons for Romanian language, speech and language development, math, physics, chemistry, biology, humanities and environment studies, geography and history. The lessons have been created in conformity to the users’ needs, the national curricula and the newest international standards.

The lessons have been elaborated by our education specialists and are made available to children by means of an online portal. Due to this project, children with special education needs in Romania have access to better education, to a more efficient specialized support, are helped to develop new competences and skills, helping them find a job after studies’ completion and to play an active role in societysays Radu Jugureanu, manager of eContent department within SIVECO Romania.

Another project promoted within the Scientix platform is „Optimized educational process in the view of knowledge society competences”, implemented by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, through the Management Unit of External Funding Projects, in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University „Carol I”. This is the most awarded Romanian educational project, the most important awards being the Golden medal within the competition International Project Management Association (IPMA) and the Silver medal in the category „Most innovative new learning hardware or software product”, at the eLearning Awards Gala in London.

Proposing an innovative teaching process, unique in Romania, the project uses project-based learning in cross-disciplinary context with support of multi-touch devices. Instead of keyboard and mouse or of handling the screen with one finger (such as in case of touch-screen equipments), the multi-touch systems are able of a more natural interaction. The purpose of this solution is to improve collaboration between pupils and teachers, to involve pupils in group activities, to motivate them to experiment, making the transition from learning based on memorizing to the one based on discovery and knowledge building.

The innovative projects of eLearning type, implemented by SIVECO in over 15,000 schools in Europe, Near East, Africa and CIS area, have been recognized along time as being examples of good practice in international renowned competitions, such as International Project Management Association (IPMA), World Summit Awards, eLearning Awards or European Software Excellence Awards.

Scientix is the online platform promoting and supporting collaboration at European level among the teaching staff and education specialists from all over Europe, which aims at promoting new teaching techniques, to popularize sciences among the youngsters and to stimulate collaboration between the teachers in European schools. The Scientix project, funded within the 7th EU Framework Program for Research and Development, was launched in 2009 by the European Schoolnet, in partnership with the European Commission.