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The secret for a successful market policy: activity efficiency and increased productivity

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bucharest, September 10, 2004 – The regional and global political-economic situation face Romanian companies with fierce competition. Under the circumstances, the success of the secret is a more efficient activity and increase in productivity, also in faster reactions to internal and external threats and opportunities.

“A last generation integrated information system (EAS) – as the one deigned by SIVECO Romania – covers the entire business area of a company, providing the necessary leverage for efficiently managing the activity.  The system is able to provide real-time vital information – at any level of detail or synthesis – of the technical, economic or financial status – information that rely on decisions made by a truly competitive management”, stated Aurora Crusti, Director of the SIVECO Applications Department.

From the integration with the European Union perspective, SIVECO Romania recommends the SIVECO Application solution, developed for the year 2007. The new version comprises specially developed facilities for the external environment.  Among its strong points, together with its reporting capabilities according to the International Accounting Standards, strong production management and cash-flow management tools, there is the Cost Controlling Management Component.

The Cost Controlling Application is one of the SIVECO Applications’ component, which interacts closely with other components, such as Financial-Accounting, Production, Inventory, Payroll.

Called “managerial accounting”, the cost controlling management provides a clear and accurate over the profitability of a certain area or subsystem of the company – branch, department, section, working formation or even a product or an internal production order.

In order to achieve this target, the application automatically collects, during a month, all the expenses and revenues, recorded by production orders or projects – as basic elements for a system that accumulates costs and revenues.

At the end of each month they are automatically breakdown in the phase of post-calculation, completely automated, similar to the collection of the data. With these operations, the indirect and general expenses are allotted over the direct ones.

This way, the expenses and revenues for each level of activity are known – formation, section, department and branch. They can be grouped in cost and profit centers and, by cumulating the individual results the result for the entire center of profit or cost can be obtained.

All these results are presented in user-friendly reports and, by using this system, is extremely easy to know, at the end of each month, the exact status of the profitability of each of the company’s area.

Further on, there are the reliable management decisions taken upon these information provided by the system, which surely lead – from one month to another – to a more efficient activity and increase in profits – ensuring a more stable for the company and a more increasing role on the market.

Over 350 companies use successfully the SIVECO Applications system and most of them rely their decisions also on the cost controlling management application. Some of them are the Beer Company of Romania, Orange Romania, Meva Turnu Severin and others.