SEI Caravan an initiative that aims to support and stimulate students and teachers in Romania in order to use the resources of the IT Based Educational System | SIVECO Romania

SEI Caravan an initiative that aims to support and stimulate students and teachers in Romania in order to use the resources of the IT Based Educational System

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bucharest, 27th of March 2006 -  SEI – AeL  Caravan is part of the SEI Governmental Promoting Program and targets 1510 high schools, 3228 schools and 42 Casa Corpului Didactic,  all beneficiaries of SEI laboratories, AeL eLearning platforms and AeL multimedia lessons.

The SEI – AeL Caravan goal is to disseminate computer aided education among teachers and pupils as the new concept for the teaching –learning process and as a complementary tool to the traditional system.

The gatherings with pupils and teachers take place on the occasion of various contests, Olympiads, regional and national conferences on IT issues. At these events, where SIVECO also participates as a sponsor, the company’s specialists present SEI Program stages, accomplishments and discuss about eLearning. 

SEI - AeL Caravan started at the beginning of 2005 and in 5 months reached 16 places from 12 diffrent counties: Braşov, Buzău, Dâmboviţa, Dolj, Ilfov, Iaşi, Galaţi, Harghita, Neamţ, Maramureş, Prahova, Vâlcea. An estimated number of 1850 pupils and 480 teachers attended the events within SEI Caravan in 2005.

In 2006, other 14 events will be reached by SEI Caravan. The Caravan already reached Focşani, Suceva, Râmnicu Valcea and Galaţi.

SIVECO Romania’s specialists were part of the jury commission and awarded the best works within the third edition of „History and Society in a Virtual Dimension” National Contest  organized by RMRY  and Al I. Cuza  National College of Focsani.

Also, at LINFO@SV Creativity Contest, organized by ”Spiru Haret” Computer Science High School they awarded the first ranked pupils at software tools and games, web pages, educational software sections, and at the essay session about Algorithm World. Then the Caravan reached Râmnicu Valcea, where took place "InfoOltenia" Programming Contest, organized by ”Mircea cel batrân” National College. Those pupils awarded by SIVECO Romania within this contest were also invited to participate to the of .Campion competition, on condition that they participate to ONI.

The Educational Software Development Seminar organized in Galaţi was another opportunity to disseminate the training opportunities offered within SEI Program. The numerous audience formed of teachers and specialists in developing educational software were lectured on psycho-pedagogical dimension of the computer aided education and on the impact of AeL eLearning platform on pupils and teachers.  

SEI –AeL Caravan is an opportunity to consolidate communication between the company, pupils, teachers and other participants involved in modernizing and providing an IT-based educational system. We have the chance to evaluate the situation on the site, to measure the impact of eLearning usage and learn about their educational needs” declares Emil Dragomirescu AeL Implementation Responsible within SEI project.

„Through these actions SIVECO Romania aims to offer both teachers and pupils guidelines for studying and personal development opportunities. The goal is to disseminate eLearning as a complementary tool for education, but in the same aims to promote value and disseminate eLearning opportunities for teaching -learning process, as well as to bring education to the highest level of performance” declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.