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SEI Caravan reached Iaşi

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Bucarest, 5th of April2006 –  Between 24-26th of March 2006,  SEI Caravan reached Iaşi, where took place 6th edition of "Urmasii lui Moisil", the Computer Science Regional Contest organized by Grigore Moisil Computer Science College of Iasi, which addresses pupils from Romania and the Republic of Moldavia. „Urmaşii lui Moisil” intends to be a useful stage in training the pupils qualified for the National Computer Science Olympiad will be which will be held in April, in Tragoviste. 

SIVECO Romania, a traditional partner of the contest, awarded the winners at all three categories of the contest, according to the participants’ age.  

In the senior group, the first prize went to Bogdan Raducanu  ("Grigore Moisil" Computer Science College, Iaşi), who also won the Grad Prize and „Moisil’s descendants” trophy, while the first prizes at intermediate and junior groups went to Bunea Andrei (Alba) and  Neacsu Dan (Brăila), i.e.  Boca Lucian (Suceava) and Manea Vlad (Iaşi).
This time the Caravan reached Iasi. SIVECO Romania has supported „Urmaşii lui Moisil”  contest for many years and in all this time lots of this contest’ winners and even students from “Grigore Moisil” College  were among the first qualified in the competitions held under the umbrella of SIVECO Virtual Center of Excellency. We are happy to see this year, once again, that among the winners there are participants who obtained very good scores at .Campion competition. This proves that these competitions offer a high quality training, with the same level of difficulty as the national and international contests” declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.