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SEI Educational Portal –a good practice example for the Scottish

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Bucharest, April 6th 2005 – Under the urge „Learn from Romania”, the Online Learning Centre of Excellence for Scottish Further Education has recently published on its website ( a case study on the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research „SEI Portal” ( The admiring comments of the Scottish people who accessed strengthen the editor’s message: SEI Portal is a good practice example that has to be continued.

With more than 42.000 registered users, 72.000 messages, tens of web sites with hundreds of thousands of information, SEI Portal has been an effective information and communication point for four years, always posting the latest news on IT use in education, baccalaureate, teachers’ nomination upon vacant positions, high school admission and distribution, national exams’ subjects. SEI Portal offers free hosting for schools and high schools’ web sites.

More than 4000 visitors, who access daily the SEI Portal have at their disposal a very diverse and vivid discussion forum, access to the events calendar and the monthly eLearning newsletter.

The SEI Portal brings as a total novelty to Romania the possibility to view and download interactive lessons packages by all those interested. Packages are achieved in two formats: SCORM (for integration with the AeL eLearning platform) and ZIP (can be opened and used independent from AeL).

Thus, teachers have at their disposal a new tool for educational content search, while pupils can access from their home PCs the lessons they are interested in.

SEI Educational Portal ( hosts every year the High School Admission and Distribution results, teachers’ nomination upon vacant positions results, baccalaureate exam’s results and web sites of Romanian schools and high schools.