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SEI – the Romanian undergraduate learning system takes its first steps into the digital era

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bucharest, December 30th 2004 – Started in 2001 and approved by the Group for IT Promotion, the IT Based Educational System for introducing IT tools in schools is implemented by a consortium of the biggest computer manufacturers worldwide, with subsidiaries in Romania: COMPAQ, HP and IBM  (than the consortium narrowed as a consequence of the global merger between HP and COMPAQ). The local software producer SIVECO Romania joint the above mentioned hardware providers. This partnership benefits from a strong European support (all the computers in this project are manufactured in Europe) placing Romania in an extremely favorable position as compared to other European Union countries.

Although there is just a first step in introducing IT tools in the Romanian Education, SEI is one of the most successful projects ever rolled-out in Romania.

SEI’s value, sustained by facts and the success obtained so far is eloquently illustrated by some data on the project dimension and complexity:

  • 1.510 school laboratories
  • 37.150 workstations
  • 1.510 servers
  • 1.510 networks
  • 530 multimedia lessons;
  • 65 biology;
  • 96 mathematics;
  • 70 computer science;
  • 3 history;
  • 27 geography;
  • 48 chemistry;
  • 90 physics;
  • 115 technology;
  • 40% curricula coverage
  • 2.500 learning objects
  • 800 simulations
  • 800 emulations;
  • 30.000 questions for tests;
  • 16 dictionaries;
  • 7 interactive tutorials
  • 3 multimedia encyclopedias;
  • 25.000 trained teachers
  • 155 man-year total effort for SEI implementation
  • SEI Educational Portal ( - 40.000 registered users, 59.000 messages
  • 720 mails from the technical support team; more than 6500 messages sent by the technical support team on during the Baccalaureate 2004

Even before signing the contract, the consortium made up by IBM, HP and SIVECO Romania proves a very strong support for the Ministry of Education.

Offered to the Ministry of Education as a donation, the High School Computerized Admission and Distribution 2001 (March-September 2001), the first nation-wide computerized admission ever held in Romania succeeded in what other budgeted projects failed to do: it was awarded the Best Practice label by the European Commission within the „eGovernment - From Policy to Practice” Conference.

The constant support provided by the consortium can be briefed in the following figures:

  1. 23 IT labs provided for free (1.150.000 USD worth)
  2. a series of projects implemented for free and components offered free of charge (total value over 1.100.000 USD), which resulted into:
  • 857.279 secondary school graduates in the contest for high-school admission (ADLIC) 2001-2004
  • 175.000 12th grade candidates to Baccalaureate 2004
  • 80 examination centers to receive examination documents over the Internet
  • 22.335.357 options expressed by Baccalaureate candidates;
  • 600 examination centers connected to Internet
  • o project components free of charge (electronic Content, project promotion both nationally and internationally, sponsorships for the Olympics, platforms delivered in advance)

Among the international recognitions obtained by the IT Based Educational System is the Best Practice label awarded to the ADLIC project in 2001 by the European Commission, on the occasion of the European Conference at governmental level “From policy to practice” (Bruxelles 2001) and the IST Prize 2004 nomination, the equivalent of the Oscar for IT.

The Educational Sciences Institute as well as UNESCO recommend projects’ continuation as a results of the analysis they have performed on SEI’s results.

Based upon the results, SEI is considered a best practice model at European level, one of the most advanced projects for using IT tools in education, and can surely constitute the beginning of the most successful campaign for schools informatization.

By SEI, the informatization process of the Romanian educational system passed the „childhood era”, entering now the „adolescence”.

The first steps were taken; for the natural development and turning into account  of the results obtained so far, there is a strong need for continuity in the informatization process.

The Romanian Educational System, which proved receptivity, will to change and align to the European standards must be supported in this process.

The new IT educational tools were absorbed at mass level, representing an important asset for medium and long term educational strategies. This extremely favorable premises represent an important mission for decision making, with a strong and direct impact  on the future of the Romanian society.