Setting up of the Romanian subsidiary of the Technological Platform Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI Romania) | SIVECO Romania

Setting up of the Romanian subsidiary of the Technological Platform Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI Romania)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SIVECO Romania is one of the initiators of the NESSI Romania platform

Bucharest, 25th May 2010 - SIVECO Romania, PREMINV Center of the Polytechnic University Bucharest and the West University of Timişoara are the promoters of the NESSI platform in Romania, a national initiative part of the network of NESSI technological platforms - Networked European Software and Services Initiative.

Through signing this new partnership, SIVECO Romania will support building a network of organizations activating in the field of software services and creating a bridge between industry and research.

The partnership with NESSI aims at running common actions: creation of an area of knowledge in the field of Romanian software to support the collaboration opportunities, trainings organization and creating of competences, establishing working groups on various topics of interest in the software industry, setting up a strategic agenda for research for the future evolution of national research & development, opening channels common with the European platform NESSI, with its members, and with the other technological platforms (NTP), promoting global access to the software services.

"The partnership with the Romanian subsidiary of NESSI opens opportunities for participation in projects financed by the European Community and increases the visibility of the Romanian team working in the field of software services as potential partners in collaborative projects along with the others NESSI members", says, Monica Florea, Head of Unit European Projects Department within SIVECO Romania.

The first Ro-NESSI workshop took place at the West University of Timişoara, on 30th of April, when the general framework for platform implementation was defined. Subsequently, within the National Conference on Scientific Research from Higher Education (CNCSIS), organized in Bucharest, the strategic goals of NESSI Romania were communicated, working agenda, as well a plan of proposals for the calls in the research & development area.

SIVECO Romania has adhered to the NESSI technological platform that brings together 400 members throughout Europe - specialists from universities, institutes and research centers, foundations and important players on the IT market.

The collaboration with NESSI adds to the numerous partnerships developed by SIVECO Romania with universities and research institutes, as well as with important local and international professional and business organizations: European Information Technology Association, National Association of IT specialists in the Public Administration in Romania, Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software, Employers Association of the Software and Services Industry, Romanian- American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Association of Romanian Businessmen, the Aspen Institute Romania, Advisory Group for Information Society Technologies in the European Union, the Association Romania-Luxemburg Business Forum.