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SIVADOC, a Cost-effective Document Management Solution

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bucharest, 13th November - The presentation seminar of SIVADOC Document Management System took place today at Floreasca Club in Bucharest. The system proposes an integrated working environment for all the organization employees, from decision makers to common users, allowing easy document and document versions management and providing document flow definition.

The event benefited from the presence of public administration representatives from: Bucharest, Sibiu, Giurgiu, Dâmboviţa, Satu Mare, Constanţa, Dolj, Argeş, Olt, Teleorman, Galaţi.

IT Department representatives from both governmental and non-governmental public institutions joined this presentation as well.

The event was an interactive one: demonstrations of the products features led to an interactive event, the audience being extremely interested in SIVADOC, a product which has Bucharest City Hall as main reference.

"SIVADOC facilitates organizations their document definition, management and archiving - from basic text files to emails, faxes, scanned documents and other images", declares  Daniel PISARU, Account Manager at SIVECO Romania.

At "Software for document management" section at Binary 2003, SIVADOC was awarded the best solution for 2003. 

“This competition allowed us to place our product against the competition. We believe that out product has grown mature enough to successfully compete against any other solution from this category on the Romanian market", declared Doina POPA, SIVADOC Product Manager. 


The solution is modular and includes the following elements:

  • SIVLibrary - is in charge with file (documents, images etc.) and file version storing and management, allowing preview and performing several actions (for instance saving, editing, mark as "edited by another user");
  • SIVNotifier -used to notify the users when certain events occur, such as receiving new work instructions;
  • SIVServices - provides working space customization according to the user’s needs;
  • SIVAdmin - for users and group lists administration, as well as their access rights to different system tools;
  • SIVWorkflow - is in charge with administration of documents created or modified in a workflow;
  • SIVExchange - provides integration mechanisms with e-mail applications, such as MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express.

SIVADOC system provides as well a solid security mechanism, based on access rights definition by the system administrator, depending on each user’s role within the system. Accessibility is another advantage, taking into account that every user logged in the system has enough rights to connect from any computer with a web browser and can work in the system.

By an easy access to documents and work support, SIVADOC leads to increased efficiency in organizational activities.

User interface is intuitively customized, with help information for tabs, easily accessible and well-defined features, structured on use levels. Interface customization is flexible and only needs a Web browser on the user’s station.

The system n-tier architecture allows easy and on-time replacement of any tier considered out-dated or less effective as compared to new technologies, with an advanced one, with minimum changes in the other tiers.

The module-based structure makes the system flexible, easy expandable and adaptable.