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The „SIVECO Academy” promises you the career you desire

Thursday, April 17, 2008

During May this year, the third edition of SIVECO Academy starts as a program focused on recruiting and training senior students and graduates within two renown academic institutions in Bucharest – The Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) and the Polytechnics University  (UPB).  

“Through SIVECO Academy, we intend to develop a connection between theory and practice that is most needed for young graduates nowadays. This ambitious program is focused on training the future employees for all departments within SIVECO Romania, to develop the abilities they will require in their future activity, offering them the possibility to attend courses in the same time”, declares Daniela Bichir, Vice-President Quality & Human Resources, SIVECO Romania. 

The SIVECO Academic Program represents a unique opportunity for the students starting a career in IT because admission within the program does not require prior experience. The program assures monthly scholarships to the selected ones, as well as the possibility to participate to courses trained by experienced practitioners. They can connect, this way, to the newest methods in training and learning. An essential characteristic of this program is that the graduates are offered a job within the company, once they finished the courses. 

Practically speaking, the young Academy members are SIVECO juniors, winning this way a real chance to start their career in a big company, with multiple perspectives in the Romanian and regional business environment. The SIVECO Academy has various possibilities for specialization – from the technical ones to consultancy, implementation and sales. Furthermore, the young candidates have access to “soft-skills” courses, where they can develop their communication and presentation abilities which are important for their future evolution. 

The young Academy members work next to the specialists within the SIVECO team – and they are among the best software specialists in Romania. All employees in SIVECO, including the selected graduates within the SIVECO Academy, have career development plans developed according to their own aspirations and performances and business requirements. The students can benefit from part-time work schedule and studies vacations. 

“The SIVECO Academy is basically a program for training the youngster in becoming real IT specialist as well as a real opportunity for the ones which want to start a career in this field. Becoming a part of the SIVECO team is integrating into a well-known company, that has always been open to youngster and has always invested in the worthy ones”, declares Daniela Bichir, Vice-President Quality & Human Resources, SIVECO Romania. 

As the leader of the Romanian software houses, SIVECO actively participates in the development process of specialists able to rapidly integrate in ambitious teams and projects. By encouraging student to learn and employing the best of them, SIVECO Romania invests in young talents for long and continues to stay open for them.