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SIVECO Academy, a solid platform for a successful career

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bucharest, 11th of April 2006 - It is known that, for every faculty graduate, the first year as an employee is very difficult, no mater he is being employed by a private or public company and no matter how well is prepared.  Nobody has time to explain what he has to do because everybody is busy; he has work to do and tries to approach the colleagues that are more supportive and most of the time he is learning by doing.

Wishing that the future employees could accommodate easier SIVECO Romania together with Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies decided to launch an innovative training program with sales, programming and presentation skills courses, a complementary training aiming to develop practical skills, team work skills and get students used to the rigors of real projects. 

On 11th of April, the first 30 students of SIVECO Academy program started the courses.

”Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies is interested in training specialists able to rapidly integrate on the labor market. I believe SIVECO Academy offers the students from the Faculty of Computer Science, Statistics and Economic IT valuable training that helps them with their future careers, practical skills, gets them used with teamwork, makes them familiar with computer science project management”,  declared Mr. Ion Gh. Roşca, Rector of  Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies within the ceremony.

This ambitious complementary training program, aiming at training student groups at high quality and performance standard in software engineering and IT for business, is launched under coordination of the Faculty of Computer Science, Statistics and Economic IT within ASE.

Known as an active participant in the educational process, SIVECO Romania is an initiator of numerous educational activities aiming to promote Excellency in education and to contribute to the development of education.

What I recommend you is to ask as much as you can the specialists that are teaching you, either the teachers from ASE, or our people. Do not be embarrassed to ask and clarify the issues you have. When choosing your job, it is very important to choose what you like and what suits you best. There is a big difference between being a programmer, a sales specialist or an accountant. In order to get satisfaction with your work it is important to be prepared and to do what you like best”, said Mrs. Irina SOCOL, General Manager of SOVECO Romania, to the first group of students of SIVECO Academy program.

With a team of 450 specialists, SIVECO Romania has a solid reputation on the labor market, which place it in the best employees top conducted by Capital magazine.

One of the “secrets” of the company’s success is the fact that every employee has the position that suits him/her best.

Known as a company were everybody works hard, SIVECO Romania has a performance evaluation and motivation system that led to obtaining excellent performance locally and internationally.

“If you like very much your work, you do not feel the time passing by. You will see the pleasure and passion that our colleagues put in their work. The best advice I can give you is to ask for help every time you feel you need help. We will have meetings constantly. You will see, that my door will be always open for you, and also all my colleagues will be at your service so that you can accommodate as quickly as possible. I wish you success and we expect you among us!”, said Irina Socol to the future colleagues.