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SIVECO Applications 2010 – a necessary tool for the production modernization

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bucharest, 18th of May 2007 – SIVECO Romania has recently organized at Sibiu the seminar entitled “SIVECO solutions for efficient production management” in the same series of events organized by the company in order to facilitate the contact between potential beneficiaries and its specialists.

During the event, the participants - organizations all over the country that activate in the production field, assisted to presentations of the main benefits the Production Management component within the Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2010 brings to its beneficiaries. A special interest was paid to the control and decision-making tool - SIVECO Business Analyzer and to SIVADOC, the software solution for workflows and document management system.

“Integrated within the system SIVECO Applications 2010, the Production Management component is dedicated to assist the entire production cycle covering the preparation, launching and follow-up processes. The application allows the creation of a transparent flux of processes, easily to coordinate and follow, both from the allocation and usage point of view and the final product quality. The application makes available all the necessary information and processes needed for a rigorously organized and efficient production policy to the decision-makers”, affirms Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solutions Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.

For a company based mainly on production, the application for Production Management developed by SIVECO Romania assures the assistance of the production cycle beginning with the assurance of the rough material needed to the final phase, namely the deliverance of the final product. Some of the advantages brought by this IT tool brings are:

  • Creating the premises for maximum profitability of the production processes;
  • The planning for optimum use of the resources and of the processes based on the market previsions and demand;
  • The growth of the processes’ efficiency and, implicit, of the beneficiaries’ satisfaction.

The Production Management component is integrated, along with the others components in the Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2010, which means that each one of the components administrates a well-defined process in a unitary soft, provided by the IT environment, which brings added value, productivity and efficiency. The administration of the production process by dedicated application, in a coherent and global Integrated Information System, guarantees optimistic premises for the production companies’ evolution on the unique European market.

Most of the production organizations wants to gain the capacity to answer quickly to the customers’ requests, to assure them performance and maximum of promptness regarding their business needs. The competitiveness level of the companies from this sector depends on the flexibility of the production programming that, at its turn, translates through the delivering promptness, the elimination of delays and the facile adjustment of the existing plannings.

“This year also, the seminar that SIVECO Romania has organized at Sibiu represented a good occasion to establish a constructive dialog with the production organizations. Their progress decisively depends on the efficiency use of the existing human, technical and financial resources. The implementation of the SIVECO Applications 2010 system comes towards these needs, being special developed in order to optimize the processes and the activities within the organizations”, concludes Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solutions Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.