SIVECO Applications 2011, AeL suite and SIVADOC are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Applications 2011, AeL suite and SIVADOC are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

Thursday, November 5, 2009

By ensuring compatibility of its reference products to this new technology platform, SIVECO Romania supports customers using Microsoft Windows 7

Bucharest, November 5, 2009 - SIVECO Applications 2011, the ERP system of SIVECO Romania, the Documents and Workflows Management system SIVADOC and the eLearning solutions (AEL LCMS, AEL eContent and the National Education Database) of SIVECO Romania are compatible with Microsoft Windows®7.

SIVECO Applications 2011 is an integrated software system for enterprise resources management, satisfying all the requirements of a company. It is based on a number of interconnected modules, which offer companies a higher control over information and business processes.

Based on modern educational principles, AeL is a modern training and content management platform, dedicated to education institutions and corporations. AeL is above all a flexible system and can be used in different languages, regions, on different study levels and types of organizations.
AeL eContent provides an optimal combination of pedagogy and playing, combining animation, interactive activities, experiments, simulations and tests, all of which are designed to transform the obligation to learn into motivation.

The National Education Database of (BDNE) is an unique, integrated component for the data collection, validation and accession of data required for the management of the educational system at all levels: schools, School Inspectorates, the Ministry of Education and other public institutions.

The documents and workflows management system SIVADOC manages documents in a secured and accessible manner for any type of user.

The system provides the possibility of defining workflows and tracking their progress.

"By ensuring the compatibility of reference products under the brand of SIVECO Romania with Microsoft Windows 7 we wish to help our clients using this new technology platform. We are constantly open to innovation, trying to help the beneficiaries of our products be on the forefront of technological advance, allowing them to improve their activity. Fortunately, the proved flexibility of our products, developed on the latest principles, allows us the compatibility with the new products of IT world leaders", said Florin Ilia, Vice President Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.

By switching to the newest operating system Windows 7, SIVECO Romania reconfirms its status as Microsoft Certified Gold Partner received in 2008 and 2009.

As a matter of fact, SIVECO Romania was selected as a finalist in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 Awards, at the category Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Windows Desktop Deployment, being regarded as "Partner of the Year" for the Central and Eastern European region.