SIVECO Applications 2011 allows for over 15% increase in organizations productivity | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Applications 2011 allows for over 15% increase in organizations productivity

Monday, August 8, 2011

After procurement of this It solution, customers have reported losses minimization by approx. 20%

Bucharest, 8th of August 2011 - No business can any longer produce performance without a resources management system (Enterprise Resources Planning - ERP).

The customers acquiring the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011 have reported a significant increase of collections following the first 12 months of using this management solution. According to them their companies' losses have reduced by over 20%.

From the importance point of view there were nominated the applications of Financial - Accounting Management Procurement Management, Inventory Management and Payroll Management.

The main fields for which SIVECO Applications dramatically contributes to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness are the ones of production, utilities, services, constructions, transportations, administration, agriculture and health.

"SIVECO Romania owns, through its ERP type of solution, a high quality IT product, already reaching its maturity, validated by customers, both large companies and small or medium size companies. The proof of their satisfaction level are the continuous extensions of the contractual relations and the recommendations they provide to their potential customers. In over 18 years since we have started the development of this complex software we have gathered a huge experience, while our desire to provide managers with top solutions, in real time, has made the integrated information system to become a live, dynamic product, tailored to any requirements, at the highest standards", has stated Ph. D. Eng. Sorin Dimofte, Sales and IT Systems Consultancy Manager, SIVECO Romania.

The company SIVECO Romania gets involved in true partnership relations with its customers, providing consultancy from several points of view (technical, commercial and business), understanding that an integrated IT system is a product one purchases for the long term, 10 years on average.

Thus, the user benefits not only of a performing system, ensuring integration of activities, reducing working times, direct access to data, controlled resources and costs, protection against human error, but also support for development, in a global fast changing economy, where competitiveness is the only option for success.